[Addon Request] Customize Active Abilities/Stances glow ?

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[Addon Request] Customize Active Abilities/Stances glow ?

Post#1 » Wed Nov 25, 2020 8:55 pm


I'm looking for an addon to replace or customize the "active ability" button states, for example KotBS auras, SW stances, Runi rune of breaking, etc.

The purpose should be having more visibility than the default little white glowing border, by replacing it by other options (bigger/different color border, or flames like AM/Shaman mechanic).

I tried TexturedButtons, but sadly there are no options for that, saving the hiding function (that I dont find useful).

If anyone have an idea, thanks for sharing ! ;)

Posts: 213

Re: [Addon Request] Customize Active Abilities/Stances glow ?

Post#2 » Sun Dec 06, 2020 1:38 pm

Bumping this, as I'm trying to figure out how to use this glow options by adding it into Textured Button addon.

I found this in Gather Button addon,the function to trigger the flame glow border when a cultivating plot is ready :

Code: Select all

function GatherButton.SetGlow(button, glowLevel)
	if button ~= nil then
		local GLOW_ANIM = 6
		local glowFrame = button.m_Windows[GLOW_ANIM]
		if glowLevel == 0 then
			glowFrame:SetAnimationTexture(button.m_GlowBase .. glowLevel)
			glowFrame:StartAnimation(0, true, false, 0)
			button.m_GlowLevel = glowLevel
Now, I wish to add a selector option into Textured Button, but the "Activated Ability" state is not currently listed :

Code: Select all

-- Sets the textures for the given button
function TexturedButtons.TexturizeButton(button, override)
	if (not TexturedButtons.IsLoaded or (not TexturedButtons.IsEnabled and not override)) then return end

	local texture = nil;
	if (buttonTextureForSlotType) then
		local slotType = GetSlotType(button.m_HotBarSlot);
		texture = buttonTextureForSlotType[slotType] or buttonTexture;
		texture = buttonTexture;

	SetButtonTexture(button, Button.ButtonState.NORMAL, texture.Textures.Normal, texture.Slices.Normal);
	SetButtonTexture(button, Button.ButtonState.HIGHLIGHTED, texture.Textures.Highlighted, texture.Slices.Highlighted);
	SetButtonTexture(button, Button.ButtonState.PRESSED, texture.Textures.Pressed, texture.Slices.Pressed);
	SetButtonTexture(button, Button.ButtonState.PRESSED_HIGHLIGHTED, texture.Textures.PressedHighlighted, texture.Slices.PressedHighlighted);

Any insight or help about how to add a customized texture that will replace the default rotating glow by the AM/Sham flame one on activated ability ?

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