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[SH] Invader

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:39 am
by Zar
How good is the SH Invader gear? I know the Conq proc is great, but it seems the additional range and the extra crit for quick shooting path would make up for it (for non-melee).

Re: [SH] Invader

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:25 am
by Xumae
It's a buggy garbage set. You only would use it for 2 or 4 set bonus. Don't get fooled by the 10% path of quick Crit, u lose 5% Crit on autos/pet and all non quick shooting abilitys. Also, vanq is garbage too. Clarity proc (garbage when u can just double ap pot), and u lose 70 wep skill and gain 4% DMG but u lose the insane 100 init debuff from conquer. Use full conquer until u can 4 set invader (helm, shoulder, glove, jewel) and 3 set vanq (boots, belt, chest).

Re: [SH] Invader

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:39 pm
by doky
I love the range buff tbh. together with range debuff you can have a lot of fun against ranged opponents