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[Choppa] Most useful and useless skills

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[Choppa] Most useful and useless skills

Post#1 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:15 am

Oi oi gitz, I'm starting this thread to help new born choppas with veteran Orkz tips.

Feel free to explain your rotation, spec, your favorite or most unused skills, tactics, items, etc. ;)

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Re: [Choppa] Most useful and useless skills

Post#2 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:38 am

Most used, more like abused, would be GFDSS, CSDC, GSI, Slasha, Bringit On.
Tacts BF,DWLF,SYG,Flank/JE

Least used right now ( altho useful ) would be Try An Hurt me.
With current build never used Reckless Blow.

Neverspec would be Hitta tree ( love the concept, hate the reality ). Too few pros, too many cons, clunky mechanics. You dont see 2h choppas and 2h slayers for a reason.

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Re: [Choppa] Most useful and useless skills

Post#3 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:50 am

I'm currently running this build : - Choppa

My renown build : RoR builder

Skills I use the most :
  • Git stuck in
  • Slasha
  • Yer all bleedin' now
  • Wild choppin'
  • Reckless Blow
  • Bring it on
  • Shrug it off

Skills I use the less or very situational :
  • Try an' hurt me
  • Drop da basha

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Re: [Choppa] Most useful and useless skills

Post#4 » Mon Jul 20, 2020 5:16 pm

This is all from a 2h perspective.

How I use: Savage tree
  • Bring Da Pain! - When my group is heavy melee and we're deep in it and need something to push us over them. I try to keep WS high enough ~825+ so that I don't need the INI debuff and avoid it.
    Don't Go Nowhere - my usual opener
    GFDSS - weave this in with Slasha
    Throat Slasha - I mean, it's on my bar because I don't like blank spaces, but I never use this.
    Try An' Hurt Me - I use this on BWs in large groups, or on WHs on one my heals.
    Keep On Choppin - the damage is nice if you have Wot Rules or Pent Up Rage, but I haven't taken this in a long time.
    Can't Stop Da Chop - use this often enough, when stinky heals are around. Don't forgot to hit that tank that's pushing in hard in fort!
    Furious Choppin' - If I know it will be a tough 1:1, 1:few, I open with this. In sustained battles, I load up dots and debuffs and then lay in. Best when they are KDd or after you Drop Da Basha.
How I use: Hitta tree
  • Hurtin' Time - always on
    Reckless Blow - if I'm running Wot Rules, same damage as GFDSS but without the positioning
    Sit Down! - whenever needed
    Slasha - my go-to attack
    Reckless Blow - with Pent Up Rage, part 2 in 3-hit combot when fully enraged
    Bleed Em Out - I take this about 20% of the time; use on AMs (they can't cleanse) or other dps for long fights. Not as bad as people may thing, but too fickle to take regularly.
    Tired Already? - when I run in groups, good for RPs, WH, WL, Eng, or really any of their big hitters, to disrupt them a bit. Needs PUR/Wot Rules.
    No More Helpin - this is why I run 2h. Outside of use on a healer, it's a great addition to your rotation. Use when rage is yellow, just before very top/middle of indicator and you'll be set back to the start of yellow. Needs PUR for best use. Can be nice with Wot Rules, but not quite as good.
How I use: Savage tree
  • Bring it On! - On the rare occasion I duel wield (tried DW in city last night), this is good for clearing NPC groups fast. I didn't like it in fights, as Lotsa Choppin + Extra Choppin is better IMO (remember I'm 2h). I do like this over GTDC though.
    Come andGet It! - in big fights, when I see I'm being focused.
    Lotsa Choppin - big melee mess and too lazy to assist off someone and you just want to damage what's in front of you - lazy spam. Or, with Extra Choppin in city, and then its really the only thing you use.
    Wild Choppin - rage dump, or someone is out of melee and low on health. Also goes good with PUR.
    Yer All Bleedin' Now - to get in combat at 30' range, or hide CSDC
    Wot's Da Rush? - I liked this when I did Hitta+Savage once, goes good with PUR/Wot Rules. Not sure on everyday usage.
    Chop Fasta! - When I want to get in a city group, or in any dungeon. People love when you use this. Make sure you use addon Think Out Loud or similar to let your party know its up (go to and search for it).

So yeah, almost all tools have a place on my toolbar. Choppa is more than GTDC or Lotsa Choppin memes.
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