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[mSH] Help for a newbie

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[mSH] Help for a newbie

Post#1 » Thu Aug 06, 2020 11:47 am

Hi! I need a little help with my mSH, I am wearing it with a jewel, back and a Beastlord book and a couple of genesis jewels, some expert mSH could help me on the subject of tactics and popularity, currently I have rr 56 and I wear almost everything in armor and blocking.
And what talismans should I use? I take them from Weapon Skill ... ,5499,5531 ... ;0;0;4;0;0


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Re: [mSH] Help for a newbie

Post#2 » Thu Aug 06, 2020 12:50 pm


I am by no means any expert on this subject so please provide any feedback/ideas if any of you have, but I rolled SH a few months back and can provide you with my personal take so far:



Territorial Aggression - This one is pretty much a given choice. While it is not ideal to sacrifice the burst damage and utility that the pet gives you (Git Em!, Drop That!, pet abilities), the pet simply dies too easily from AoE damage to be viable in City/Scenario/Orvr.

Sneaky Stabbin - Since you are always within 45 ft as melee, this applies to all your damage, which is pretty strong.

Sneaky Git - Since Sneaky Strike should be among the first in your rotation, this 15% avoidance buff will be applied at most times, which to me is considered strong.

Medium / Situational

Pick on yer own size - 120 WS + 120 Str for the loss of 120 Toughness is still 120 of pure stats, I consider that a pretty solid buff as well. If you die a lot and would like a more defensive build, I would suggest skipping this.

Whazat behind you?! - A strong defensive tactic, 75% on a 25% chance is alot and 5 seconds is a considerable time. However, remember that if you face melee heavy enemies and you choose to use a lot of AoE, this is not as strong since you will break the detaunt continuesly.

Pierce Defenses - Good against melee heavy enemies since they will have high block & parry. This also applies to party memebers which is a very strong damage bonus overall. However, this only applies fully to classes with high enough melee avoidance. Also, if you and your mates are skilled at attacking from behind, this buff becomes weak.

Sharp toofs - If you for some reason choose to go with pet (small scale roaming or PvE), this gives a nice single target DPS bonus and a very strong burst.

Strength in numbers - If you’re in a fort or keep and you have ranged DPS in your group, this is very strong to build M4 with and help the push with 2400 damage, which is otherwise quite slow to build up.


Da smell dont bother me - 120 HP each 5 seconds is just too low to make any difference

RUN AWAY! - While movement is good in this game, the leap usually leaves you with very little issues in this area which is why i would consider this as weak.

Renown points

Futile strikes - do you really need the 4th step to be at 0,0%? if not, i would skip this. If you only have a few % away with 3rd step, I would recommend Initiative talismans to top up.

Vigor and Might - I would suggest switching these points for Dodge & disrupt and Parry. These can be good to use any rest points but should not be a priority IMO.

Melee crit can be an option when you get to higher RR or get 5 points left.


This depends on your damage vs. survivability preference. For damage, i would suggest capping out in Str/BS first, then go for WS.

For defensive, I would suggest going for Wounds talismans. If you have 2 sets of some pieces, like Sentinel, you can have one setup with devensive and another offensive. Or you can mix defensive vs. offensive of course.

Some recommend slotting Armor talismans, but IMO this could only take up 1, max 2 slots. Since you will have territorial aggression/horned squig, Sneaky Strike buff up a alot and armor potion at most (if not all) times, you can easily get up to 75% during combat without any armor talisman.

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Re: [mSH] Help for a newbie

Post#3 » Thu Aug 06, 2020 3:52 pm

Thanks for the tips!

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