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[Shaman] Simple guide for Shaman Heal

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[Shaman] Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#1 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 6:40 pm


Here a start guide for shaman heal who want to know more about the potential of the Fury of Da Green spec.
This guide is intended primarily for shamans who plan to go beyond a beginner/casual level.
All experienced shamans will surely read what they have already acquired during their careers.

I want it clear and brief but be free to ask me questions if you want to go more in depth on certain aspects. I will answer you as long my experience can.
If this guide can help improve the image of shaman healers and provide ideas for progressions then I will have accomplished what I want.

The end of
"Shamans have good tools but heal like a sick cow tho"

First of all, some words about Fury of Da Green. Your main tool to heal AoE and ST situation

1. FODG is considered damaging ability in the arsenal of shaman spells. You will hit an Offensive target to heal the last Defensive target you have targeted. (You can change def target while casting even without lign of sight)

In the end, the goal is to maximise outgoing heal by manual targeting the most sensitive enemy (mdps, bw...) in the enemy group AND, in some situations evantually, an ally surrounded by other allies to heal the most players.
It requiers some skill and reactivity who come with time and practice.

A good help in hard fight situation is to have an experienced Main Assist player who pick correctly and regulary the right target in enemy group.
So you can use his target to spam Fury in nice spot.

2. I will tell you clearly, as shaman heal you need CDR (cooldown reducer) ability to develop your gameplay and perform.
The reason is simple: FODG your main heal has 5sec CD and lead to 0sec CD with CDR. Add that with your classe mecanic it reduce the cast time and allow it to be casted while moving.
It gives you the mobility and the possibility, who miss in other builds, to face bursty situation.

1 Tank and 1 melee Damage Dealer classes that you will need to play with to have access to CDR:

Black Ork can give you: 5sec CDR with WAAAAAAAGH!
50% uptime potential, 10sec duration for 20sec CD.
(The BO needs to slot a tactic named " Mor' Choppin Dem'! " to have CDR on)

Choppa can give you: 5sec CDR with Chop Fasta!
50% uptime potential, 20sec duration for 40sec CD.

To be able to spam your FODG in fight you will need at least 1 of the previous classes I mentionned above in your party, with the correct spec.It's mandatory.
If you have both you can ask them to rotate their CDR to give you almost 100% uptime CDR. If you have none, it's time to make green frens.



the comfy FODG + SIO + SF build: ... ,5301,5292

With Shrug it Off and Ain't done Yet! tactic, its a full heal oriented build. Can be used in smale scale and large scale play.
Always take Sticky Feetz, excellent AoE snare with relatively short CD. Can be used for yourself or anyone defensively, offensively on enemy mass etc...
If you have 5 PC Vanquisher set you can try without Resto burst tactic and replace it by Green Cleanin' in smale scale or Whazat Behind You?! or anything you prefer.

The Aoe Shatter + Fury build: ... ,5301,5320

This build is still in test phase for me. I wait for PoV and feedbacks from order player that I encountered in city when I used it recently. The goal is to AoE shatter Blessings ( Runepriest and Warpriest buffs and HoTs. Ib and Knight Buffs etc...) in enemy group with the help of FODG spam.
Needs some parameters to make it work. Still share with you.

You need to invest 8pts in Middle tree, take away Mastery abilities like Sticky Feetz even at r70 with extra pts. And need a tactic slot.


FODG + DSU build: ... ,5289,5301

Last tactic slot free: Dat Makes Me Dizzy (insta res), or Get Movin'! (Morale pump) if needed.
Green cleanin' in smale scale is very efficient(HoT stacking with himselve). Whazat Behind You?! to maximise survivability against high mobility melees in smale scale (aSW, WL, double slayers...) or any situation in Orvr (especially ST3 in Forts so you can drop Run Away for WBY).

PvE build: ... ,5301,5300

Since Sentinel ring is BiS and you want it, a PvE build suggestion has his place here.
It's an AoE cleanse build suggestion more BBBE run oriented. You can replace tactics depends on your preference and instance. I don't always need Subtility or AoE cleanse for example.

-rr70 + 6PC Heal Sov:

You can retake SIO + ADY tac: ... ,5301,5292

This is the most used build by what I saw these days with other shamys.
DSU is your best HoT, SIO give you the "****" button and ADY tactic a decent healplus against burst phase or Morale drop in fight.

You can drop You Got Nuthin'! (silence right tree) to take AoE cleanse
Can be used when no DoK to do the cleanse job.
AoE cleanse Curse or Ailment. 5sec CD. Can be spammed under CDR.
Very efficient in smale scale against double slayers.

Its the builds I use more or less.

You will need to adapt and respec depend on what you play, for example I don't always use You Got Nuthin'!(Silence right Mastery tree) because apply huge Immun of 50sec, but I put it on all Builds cause its a versatile choice. Be free to use this Mastery point for another thing if you feel it.

Now as shaman full Sov I dont use Restorative Burst (7PC AP proc sov is enough most of time) and ADY not worth a tactic slot neither imo.
2 free tactic slots(I'm slotting Run Away! and Spec Mushrooms 99% of time) that I can use for more consistent tactics depends on situation:

WB Leader can ask to me to slot Morale pump, AoE cleanse for example or even Insta res if we face really tough guys.
These are unique tools that only i have. Since Shamans are not stackable healer in premade Warband (1 sham only, 2 maximum) you will need to be really versatile and still worth the HEALER spot and not just be the green swiss knife.

My most used build these days: ... ,5310,5308

I can drop WBY or AoE cleanse tactic for anything more appropriate ( Mpump, Insta res etc...)

RENOWN POINTS: My opinion: Shaman is squishy ****. My Suggestion: Take what you can to survive.

rr40: ... ;0;2;3;0;0

rr80: ... ;0;4;4;0;0
or ... ;0;2;4;0;0
with more Heal crit.

The priority is still Futile Strikes. Then Spriritual Refinement and Deft Def.


Quick tips:

Lock zones, reach r50 fast and grind Vanquisher Medaillons and Gold bags to loot Vanq pieces in it.
Purple bags to have Subjugator Staff and
Blue bags to have some Genesis Accessories.

Your goal is the Vanquisher full set + 3 Beastlord set (Cloack, Accessorie, Pocket)
the sooner you can. It's still an excellent set even today.

Full Invader is a good option after Vanquisher

At endgame level I suggest to play with full Sovereign, Fortress Staff, 3 genesis the time you get better.
Some mix can be interesting stats wise, exampe: 5 Sov, 2 Sentinel (helmet, ring), 2 Vanq or Triumphant (belt, boots)
Accessories BiS: Purple Gunbad Diamond (3% reduc ctbc), Sentinel ring and Genesis.

The most interestings defensive stats in term of results are Armor and Wounds.
(Toughness can be an alternative choice instead of Armor if you manage to reach at least 600-700 with DSU on)

I suggest you to put Armor talis in your gear.
+137 armor to start if you dont have that much gold, some Wounds to reach 700-800 wounds or so.

Gear wise,
Your main defensive stats are: Armor to reduce physical damage and Wounds to give you the time to reach your Tank or survive an evantual Morale drop.
Initiative to reduce ctbc%.
Decent amount of Init help to spot a hidden WH at close range, allows you to prepare (Detaunt before KD).

Your main healing stats are: Heal crit%and Healpower
Willpower is not scaling very well so you don't need high amount to heal good.


The goal is to be familiar with your classe mecanic (red/yellow thingy). How to build it effectively and what it gives to you.
To be honest, the simpler the better.

Basic Healing rotation in fight with CDR:

1. Before first contact you want to put your HoTs on your melee DD and Tanks: x5... HoTs
this done your mecanic is in Red 5. Gork's Waaagh! improves your damaging spells. (FODG fast cast time, cast while moving)

2. At this point you can basically start a FODG spam when your BO or Choppa apply his CDR:
x5 FODG leads you to Yellow 1 mecanic. Mork's Waaagh! improves your healing spells. (powerful instants: HoTs and Absorb; and faster/cheaper Heal abilities cast time)
(Sometimes the situation allows you to continue the FODG spam even in Yellow mecanic; for example in a funnel when its the most efficient outheal generally and you don't have to move immediately)

3. Then (every time you got Yellow 1 or more), depends on situation:
if need AoE heal; you can use Gather Round to heal up your party rapidly,
if ST heal; an improved Don' Feel Nuthin on ally under HD, a fast Bigger, Better, an' Greener or a powerful Do Sumfin Useful if you have the time to prepare.
(GEDUP! with Yellow mecanic can be nice option to Res faster if you have not Insta Res tactic slotted)
Ideally the goal is to catch up again the Red mecanic to use FODG the most you can when you have CDR on.

When CDR off you can properly resfresh you HoTs to be ready when the CDR come back.
Keep in mind to use your tools too, AoE snare, AP drain, Mpump etc...

Morale use:

In a group you will mostly use the same 3 Morales:

1. Divine Favor to save an ally or yourself from death as a last resort
(always efficient to apply on ally in difficulties under HealDebuff incoming because healing Morales are not reduced by HD inc or out)

2. Focused Mind is one of your main defensive CD,
Used to prevent a CC (stagger, KD ...),
To escape with more efficiency or to break a CC like a roots or a silence.
It can also help increase burst heal or to start a Ressing spam under CDR for example.
Your cast time still can be interrupted under Focused mind.
Use wisely.

3. The most versatile choice here is Divine Protection who absorbs Melee abilties for a decent amount. Excellent to help to recover.
Works only against melee team.

Basic positioning in fight:

There is so much parameters to take in view that I can't be to much specific.
This said there is basics, to do and not to do:

1. In normal fight situation (when not already engaged yourself) Keep respectable distance between enemy DD and yourself in every context or you will hit Release button to often.

2. Stay in move, always. Be unpredictable and if you can less noticable. Don't stay in your healer backline if your Warband move forward, move forward and join enemy healers where its the safest spot potentially.

3. Be separate from the other ally healers, if one of you is caught by the enemy the other ally healer must take an effort to be reached.
This avoids situations where several healers are CC at the same time which is the beginning of the end if sync with a burst.

4. As shaman you will be the "easy target", often choose first to be killed. Keep always an eye on your party Tanks who can guards swap to save you when engaged.
Be always ready to jump on your Tanks.

5. Important
You need to switch between Focus vision and Global vision.

Focus vision is the focus we apply on UI to heal with max reactivity. This leads to less attention to fights moves and by extension, miss the enemy assist train who is ready to KD you and kill you for example.

Global vision is the fight moves and all relative. Where is our cleave party? Their cleave party? Their ST party or assist train? The enemy healer? etc...
(even PvE infos can have importance especially in city but you will say it's not our healer job and you will be right)

To heal good and survive you will need to switch between these 2 visions everytime its needed and the situation dictates how quickly.
The more you can anticipate the rest of the fight, the better you will be able to react and save time on each action.

When you are engaged by the enemy as a shaman:

The biggest threat is the KD + burst so you need to be ready for that,
When you see them coming: HoTs up, Absorb spell, use Sticky Feetz under you and use AoE detaunt just before the KD. Always take a descent amount of double HP potions + Absorb potions to use it the time to reach your tanks if needed. AP drain on the fatest dwarf is a good thing too.

In a situation when you are engaged by a Mdps and the disengagement is not instantly possible or needed, use detaunt and try to face him while you healing.
The goal is to prevent him from using his back attack skills, which are the most violent generally.


Addons I recommand to track easily HoTs and things: Enemy for Unit frames,
Buffhead for everything and mostly immunities and Guard track,
VinyUI addons pack have already a huge preset work done on Enemy and Buffhead.
here the Forum link:

Aura the best I use to track CDR for example,
Obsidian to have a nice Global Cooldown track,
RV addon or Target ring to have clear targeting option for FODG

Look on Idrinth tool site or on this Forum to Dl.

I highly suggest to track some abilities on UI. With Aura and Enemy Unit Frames I can see what I want.

Ex: Shatter Limbs (Slayer CD increaser) is an Ailment that we shamans can cleanse.
If I want to see it I can just open Enemy Unit Frames and create an Icon of it on my UI to see it on my party/wb mates when it's applied.
Refer to this video about Zealots HoTs: ... orichvagon
its the same path about any Ability in the game you just need the correct IDs.
He's using Buffhead effect cache to obtain IDs, this command can be used too:
/script Enemy.GetAbilityIds("Ability Name")
/script Enemy.GetAbilityIds("Shatter Limbs") will give you the correct IDs.

You can do it to track your HoTs, to track Outgoing HealDebuff like Punishing Knock from IB and
Blessed Bullets of Confession from WH (Curse and Ailment that we can cleanse as shaman)

If I want to track Chop Fasta! and WAAAAAAAGH! ?
Aura can do it for you.
/aura In game and enter correct name in Effect Name. Set an Icon and a timer move X Y axes to have clear UI and voilà.
check in depth this addon, you can track everything interesting on yourself, ally and enemy.

You can even track your abilties CD. Like If I want to have big CD track of my Sticky Feetz ?
/aura In game
Aura Triggered by:
you choose Ability instead of Effect.
Now open your abilities window and swap Sticky Feetz to the spot.
Check: When not active
Set Icon and timer and voilà.

General Advice:

Read your tooltips abilities regulary.
Make a clear simple UI
Test new things, be a good observer, ask questions to good players. That's how I improved myself.
Be patient in ignorance, and try to smile when you want to be toxic with another player.
Make good mates ig and play organized content and
smale scale, the faster road to L2P

Harden up, practice, and have fun
I hope this will help some gits
Thanks for reading. :)
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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#2 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 10:12 pm

I really like the extra hot "do sumfin useful " it gives tough buff as well, i prefer over "shrug it off" The rest I agree with, kinda sucks you need support classes to unlock full healing potential. And shaman is the only heal class with no group hot, Zealot and dok both get 2. But at least shaman's don't have to wear a dress like it's counter part, so i guess we have that :lol:

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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#3 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:30 am

havartii wrote:
Sat Sep 19, 2020 10:12 pm hot, Zealot and dok both get 2.
pls explain

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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#4 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 4:40 pm

Nice guide Gobbo, I hope that will allow the destru to have a little more efficient sham; maybe you should share some scoreboard to prove the efficiency of the shaman and your build.

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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#5 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 4:50 pm

zak68 wrote:
Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:30 am
havartii wrote:
Sat Sep 19, 2020 10:12 pm hot, Zealot and dok both get 2.
pls explain
Zealot get leaping alteration/ ritual of lunacy both are group hots (heal over time)
DoK gets Khaine's Vigor/ Khaine's Refreshment both are hots

This allows both classes to have a passive heal up at all times while also using main heals. Shaman gets 0

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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#6 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:03 pm

Khaine's Refreshment is not a hot but a channel and it's not group based.

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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#7 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:26 pm

We have Breath of Mork m2 which does amazing things for aoe healing.

There's also Pass it on tactic which frankly always looked like a wasted tactic slot to me but still, it's there. And ofc Fury of da Green though I feel like it's sluggish ever since shammie/am mechanic nerf.

As for the guide: good write up, thanks for sharing your way :)
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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#8 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:02 pm

zak68 wrote:
Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:03 pm
Khaine's Refreshment is not a hot but a channel and it's not group based.
Each second all allies within 30 feet will regain health, what part of this is not group based?

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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#9 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:05 pm

NSKaneda wrote:
Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:26 pm
We have Breath of Mork m2 which does amazing things for aoe healing.

There's also Pass it on tactic which frankly always looked like a wasted tactic slot to me but still, it's there. And ofc Fury of da Green though I feel like it's sluggish ever since shammie/am mechanic nerf.

As for the guide: good write up, thanks for sharing your way :)
Breath of Mork is not an option as you need focus mind to burst heal, Furry of the green is only useful if you have a chopps or blork in your party.

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Re: Simple guide for Shaman Heal

Post#10 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 6:10 am

havartii wrote:
Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:02 pm
zak68 wrote:
Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:03 pm
Khaine's Refreshment is not a hot but a channel and it's not group based.
Each second all allies within 30 feet will regain health, what part of this is not group based?
the los part

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