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DPS zealot build

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DPS zealot build

Post#1 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:28 pm

Is a dps zealot viable?

Anyone have a build they would recommend?

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Re: DPS zealot build

Post#2 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:20 pm

I'm no pro at em but I think they're viable enough in certain roles. They are the only class on Destro that can give out AoE healdebuff I believe so if that's what your group/warband needs then there ya go, obvious what ya need to build for there (healdebuff on crit tactic in the left tree, channeled aoe in the right tree). Also the only Destro class with an AoE armor debuff. AP ritual is amazing and something you should always try to have for your group, plus dps zealot runs outta AP real fast when spamming attacks so useful for yourself too. Transcendence tactic in the middle tree doesn't say it in the tooltip but it adds 10% disrupt strikethrough which is very useful since the disrupt changes.

Personally I play most classes in a solo roam type setup so after trying tons of builds the one that I find the most success with is - Zealot

Transcendence for strikethru and self healing, Winds of Insanity to be able to survive when MDPS gets the drop on you (it's also one of the most fun abilities in the game, knocking a WB of a cliff or keeping em from getting into a keep door is good timez. It also works with Transcendence for some real strong self healing if you're in a crowd). AoE armor/corp debuff tactic since that's the only way you're gonna kill anything fast and it makes you a whole lot more useful to your group. At higher RR I'll take Storm of Ravens for more burst/snare and probably the shield ritual (I think it works better than the heal ritual with low wisdom).

Mirror of Madness is real interesting, I love the concept and seems like it would be a great tool for helping your team burst down a target that is getting focus healed (it damages the target, not the person healing him like the tooltip reads), but since I never premade I don't always know who my realm mates are gonna target and most of the time that 2 second cast time would have been better spent elsewhere. If it was instacast is would be amazing.

Divine Fury and Scourged Warping are a must in almost any build in my experience, the insta cast procs are one of your main forms of burst. Maybe it's not needed if you are just there as an AoE healdebuff bot.

I always take Talon and Eye M1/M2, they are amazing.
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Re: DPS zealot build

Post#3 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:25 pm

Great overview! Thank you. How would you compare a dps Shaman to a dps zealot? Which is better for a 6 man? For roam and scs

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Re: DPS zealot build

Post#4 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:32 am

Unstoppable1776 wrote:Great overview! Thank you. How would you compare a dps Shaman to a dps zealot? Which is better for a 6 man? For roam and scs
Really depends on what kind of 6man you are running. I would say in most situations Zealot is probably more useful. AoE armor debuff, AoE healdebuff, AP ritual, different buffs instead of just resistance like shammy, way more useful M1/M2 IMO, they bring a decent amount to the table.

Shaman is amazing at morale pumping, if that's what your group wants to focus on then Shammy is clear winner. They also have a real nice single target toughness debuff that I imagine most groups would want you to run to focus targets better (not sure what it does and does not stack with so maybe not useful in certain comps, and I never use it solo since standing still for 2 seconds = dead against WLs or WHs). Outside of that though I don't think they bring a whole lot of utility over Zealot. Shammy has a very easy time keeping elemental debuffs on their target so if you are running with a single target Magus there is some great synergy there. AoE snare is also amazing but I don't think groups are picking their comp based off it.

For solo roam they are both decent choices. Disrupt is a bitch and shamans are hurt by it way more than zealot IMO since they are more dot based, have no strike thru tactic, and can't mix heal and dps gear sets for huge 2piece bonuses early for higher intelligence so you need to pick your targets a little more carefully on shaman. Zealot is fun because you can press 1 button and turn into a healer which is extremely useful in lots of situations, trying to heal on a DPS shammy is usually not a great use of your GCDs. Shammy is king of running away though. AoE snare, run speed tactic, lifesteals you can cast on the move, very easy to escape from almost anything that's not a WL. Zealot can go heal mode and spam much better heals but with no way to outrun your opponent or do significant damage to them while kiting them in healmode it often turns into a game of who can get to safety/friends first. I enjoy em both but am green at heart so play my shammy a lot more. IMO when deciding on a solo roam class/spec, the main thing you need to consider is how you will survive against a WL. I have to play my shaman PERFECTLY to stand even the most remote chance at anything but the worst of WLs, and for any good WL it's insta lose. I haven't played enough against them on my zealot to know if he stands a chance atm, I've killed a few squishy ones with corp debuff into winds of insanity and then bursting them down while they are getting permaknock backed but I really doubt I'd have any chance against a good guardian one on him. If solo roam is your main concern, I recommend any order class, they have a realmwide permabuff in that they never have to fight a WL 1v1.
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Re: DPS zealot build

Post#5 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:42 am

I think I never played something else on my zealot here on the server and that's for like 71 renown ranks and I still like it.

The build really depends on what you want to do.

----For AoE in a zerg you want to go with something like this: ... 0:;0:0:0:0:

You want to drop your ritual up front into the enemys so that the small dmg procs can fill your AP bar. Then you are basically open to spam any AoE you have. If you get at high rr you can get the aoe kb or the stagger. Stagger is very nice for when you run around alone or stagger a backline healer. For zerg play you often don't want people to be knocked all over but sometimes it can definitly be useful. Go more deffensive in your spec since lots of AoE skills form the zealo have not a high range. You want to hit the enemy lines with Demon Spittle to remove armor for your meeles and resitance for yourself and some skills of the sorcs.

----For ST DPS there are several builds around I run: ... :5721:5722:
with the stagger, cause annilator. There are people running Witchcraft and Dark Rites but I found if my burst is not up par with a sorc I usually bring the AP ritual and the HD which are quite worthy for a group aswell.

I tested MoM after the change for several weeks and these are my finding.
In most cases, not worth even casting. The only time this was even considered by me was annoying a solo RP that was running away spamming instant heal.
In 10/10 cases you are better if you can stagger the RP for 6s and burst something else down. MoM casts forever for what it does and since you often loose LoS it will just get interrupted. The change that you can cast it on the move is nice but that doesn't stop a hill from interrupting your cast even if he was just LoS for a millisec. What is nice it seems to be not disruptable but except against some healers I run with capped int and 10% from transference into not much disrupt.

Furthermore on my zealot with 230 magic dmg bonus (which is something not that easy to get) it does 90-200 dmg to a player that detaunted you while being cleansable (400 at low resitance target without guard/detaunt). Don't forget Zea/RP are the only range casters not having a range resitance reduction so you will face high resitance very likely, the only exception is running a WAAAAAAGH! BO which can not always be so far in the enemy lines to debuff the target you actually want gone. Additionally MoM can not crit and doesn't heal yourself via transference since it's not a direct hit.

So overall MoM is kinda like a dot that you have to cast and only procs when the target gets healed. Lets assume a low resitance char that doesn't find it's detaunt nor gets guarded. The max this skill can pull of is about 4k dmg in 12 seconds further assuming no cleansing and a heal every second. This happens very unlikely since people often go for big heals/group heals in which case it will proc 3-4 times being compleatly insignificant. The ICD worsens this skill even more because even if your target gets bombarded with heal it is capped at 1 small tick per second.

You are better of preparing instant procs on several enemys for 2s and then start your burst rotation on your target combined with several instant procs you can therefore throw onto him. For a 14 point ability super bad in all honesty. Playing with stagger for a day now and my god this thing is so much better it saves you on a regular basis (since as ST zealot YOU ARE SQUISH). Furthermore I was able to kill several players because I staggered his healer. When I was running with MoM I hardly ever saw any difference whatsoever compared to just doing my normal dmg rotation/proc upkeep.

I don't know but MoM still needs a rework.
Right now I think my ST dps zealo brings more then a dps shaman however the zealots I saw on few occations happen have serious problems with it and there are good reasons for it.
For good burst you need to keep up several dots on different enemys (2-4) while coordinating your burst with your teammates while looking on your own team HP and switch the deff target accordingly to make the most use out of transference. You should upkeep AP ritual at all times. You should be ready instantly to find a squish enemy and cast BoT to save a teammate. You should be very careful where you stand since you are SQUISHY. You should keep track of which enemy healers are where and how are their immune timers to make sure you are ready to stagger when you start bursting.
I'd say shamans burst however doesn't need several enemys to reach full potential and is a bit quicker pulled off (however zealot burst is nice too even if you don't have ton's of procs because you didn't had time to propperly dot). Shaman is the only heal class I actually play on heal and not dmg so not so sure about that. I'd say shaman can still throw some nice normal heals due to their class mechanic while zealo has to change harbinger to bring any normal healing which therefore locks them out of doing any dmg fo 20s.

I often play my zealo in team comps it works nicely with a 1-3-2 setup but with the current burst of WL you/your healers will have to be even more careful since a WL needs 1-2s to down me. Other dd's are no prob however you I can kite pretty much anything if I'm not getting caught up by a rdm shrub in the landscape.
For roaming great class you can use most your skills while running and the stagger is just outright cruel to someone trying to get away. WH can be annoying if they happen to kill you while staggered but if you have a healer or guard they are no problem at all. Keep away from WL's they are totally able to kill you while you have a healer and often even through guard.

Zealot is a great class for pugs. You miss healers in your team: switch tactics and harbinger and since zealot is kinda special on their skill trees your heals are just as good. I usally pull off higher numbers then most healers in the sc but don't forget your positioning from playing dps zealo since you still will be squish. You have enough healers go to your normal spec and bring some good dmg into the ring.

I'd say AoE zealot for zergs is atm quite viable while st dps zealot currently needs a bit more love either through:
-A ranged resitance debuff (like the old harbinger), I think this is something crucial I find myself being able to crit enemys between 1400 and 700 (both without guard) and while your dps is absolutly okay if not great at low restiance targets but compleatly laughable at high resistance targets.
-Pushing it's support capabilits through a support heal/dmg heal; Comparable to doks benefit to the group. Emergency heal to bring sustain to a group since you lack burst. I could think of making BoT instant since I often have not enough time to get the 2s cast through (even with FM it sometimes is just too slow to react) before someone dies. Reworking MoM to resemble Rend soul (obviously not as stong since you are ranged but being at a state where you can actually save someone)
-More burst obviously however I'd find giving it more burst you kinda loose the supportive role of dps healer
-More sustain you kinda loose the backdraft of a ranger

I sent now but might be editing/correcting a bit on top of it.

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Re: DPS zealot build

Post#6 » Tue Jan 04, 2022 11:51 pm

Idk if this thread is still alive but if you dps zeal players are still out there I need help with what gear to run. ... ,5730,5713

This is my current gear

6 bloodlord
3 beastlord
2 genesis scholar
1 sentinel
2 dps oppresor items
eventually 1 bloodlord and 1 oppressor
spicy mushroom and beastlord are my pocket items.

Please let me know if I should change anything, any advice is appreciated I really enjoy dps zeal even though its not the best.

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