[Chaos All] New to the Server and Destruction

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[Chaos All] New to the Server and Destruction

Post#1 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:30 am

I'll keep this short and sweet. My friends and I are playing together and without attempting to dig through pages of discussion and teach myself the acronyms right off the bat, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for a few character builds.

I play a Chaos Chosen. I'd very much like a tank build, but a 2H build wouldn't be something I turn my nose up to.

My best friend plays a Chaos Zealot. He enjoys primary healing and support roles. I haven't found much through my initial digs for Zealot builds.

Our other friend plays a Chaos Marauder. I'm assuming he'd just like to do some insane damage and feel like champ running into melee range any killing fools.

Our pal plays a Chaos Magus. She typically just wants to do something that'll end up being decent or good. I read something about insta-summoning daemon builds, but I didn't really understand what it was meaning.

We're not bound to get too serious, but I was hoping to get some insight on "general purpose" builds for these characters. I've gotten a glimpse of an idea for Chosen, but having not played around with the other classes, most of what is said doesn't mean much to me.

Thanks for any help you might offer. Having a blast thus far.

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Re: [Chaos All] New to the Server and Destruction

Post#2 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:30 am

I take it you guys play mostly together, and that you're all quite low level at the moment.
If you're really new to this, what I would suggest is to play around with your skills and specializations.
We could certainly suggest builds, but as you pointed out with the "instant summoning" example, you wouldn't be able to have a good understanding of them.

Also, if you're not too serious about minmaxing, this game has pretty straightforward talent trees and as soon as you understand how mastery points work, it's kinda hard to go extra-wrong because most talent trees correspond to archetypes.

If I really had to give you concrete advices :
- 2H Chosen (dps) seems to be the worst DPS-tank : spec Tank sword & shield or pick Black Orc/Black guard.

- Magus : spec Havoc if you like sniping mono target, spec Change if you like closer range and a ton of AOE dots (pretty bad in the actual state of the game, you do a lot of total damage but it's not bursty enough to pressure healers) or Daemonology if you want to be a riftbot (tanky magus that magnet-pulls people, very useful but special gameplay). there are good hybrids havoc/change (basically using havoc spells and Indigo Fire of Change (IFOC) from the Change tree)

about the instant summoning : Magi can summon a turret-style demon-pet, there's 3 different and they come with different abilities/perks. They can't move so you need to resummon them or "recall" them at your feet whenever you change position, and since staying near them gives you an awesome progressive dps/range boost, you want to have them close to you whenever possible, that's why summoning them instantly (thanks to a Tactic) is interesting, especially since you need to move a lot in certain fights.

Also what you want to spec in might depend on what type of RvR you want to do, this oculd be an information knowledgeable forum junkies could use to give you an accurate answer.
Again i'm lightyears away from being the most knowledgeable player here so if anyone wants to chime in..

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Re: [Chaos All] New to the Server and Destruction

Post#3 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:26 am

I appreciate the thorough response. Thank you for giving some context to what people throw around here on the forums. I'll be sure to take this advice.

I plan on working with Chosen Sword/Board. I'd never play stupid orks or watered down Dark Eldar, haha.

Any insight on Zealots/Marauders?

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Re: [Chaos All] New to the Server and Destruction

Post#4 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:37 am

To keep it nice and simple, You've got a potent 4 person group. You're low enough levels that that typical specs in t4 are not required to win or have fun, but the playstyle should be about the same.

Your marauder should be up front selecting targets and generally steering your group. You, the chosen, need to be sticking as close to the mara as possible to stay within guard range, knocking down his targets and punting away his targets guards. Your zealot and magus will have a wider perspective of the fight from a distance, where they'll be keeping your health up and adding in the damage burst. The mara should be specced into the armor debuff as soon as possible, and your magus focused on single target damage. As soon as your zealot has the stagger they become a very important part of the fight, because they can stagger healers and out of position tanks in order to allow your mara and magus to burst a target down.

Classes aside, the biggest part of being successful in this game is being able to read an oncoming fight, and simply knowing when you're outnumbered or outclassed and running. There's no point in going into something you know you're going to die in. Pick your fights you KNOW you can win, and selectively engage in fights you THINK you have a chance. Good luck and dont be afraid to ask players on this server advice on the specific classes you're playing, most people will be happy to help.

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