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Magus Sniper group

Post#1 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:56 am

Hey so I'd like to run a magus sniper group as a fun little side project.
I play during NA time.

What I'm looking for is 2 or 3 other havoc magus player's and 2 or 3 alchemy zealot player's. I can play either a magus or a zealot.
I don't really care about guild tags nor do I want to steal player's from their guilds.

I want to try out
4 havoc magus 2 alchemy zealots
3 havoc magus 3 alchemy zealots

I think the sweet spot is gunna be 3/3

I want to try to have Alchemy zealots built to assist damage and pinch heal. So playing the zealot as a true hybrid really making use of your mechanic. The group is a backline assist squad type group.

I want the alchemy zealots for the tzeentch's talon for full morale resist debuff + ability resist debuff = 504 + 378 = 882 resist debuff. The zealots can also potentially run a defensive morale cycle with the m4 Tzeentch's shielding. The alchemy zealot can also provide setup for snipe with the 100ft single target stagger. Group should be a scream to play in a keep defense.

Ideally everyone would have a working mic and know's how to assist.
Please be willing to swap spec's and be experimental in build. This is a experimental group comp that I think would be a lot of fun.

Please PM me on the forums if your interested.

I would say message me in game but I have SOO many alts that I dunno wtf I'd be on.
Is this the right place to advertise this? or should it be in the destruction tab part of the forums?

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Re: Magus Sniper group

Post#2 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:17 am

Not able to PM apparently because I don't post on the forums a whole lot. I'd be down to try. Have a 23 rr33 magus that ive been active on, /w me in game to try. Char name is Artyllery.

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Re: Magus Sniper group

Post#3 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:11 am

I'd be in - but you know that.
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