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[marauder]st questions

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Re: [marauder]st questions

Post#11 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:10 pm

gobbohammer wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:23 pm
hi i just reached lvl 60 and have some questions about the st spec...

1- what debuffs should i apply first on the target before changing to brut for the kill?

2-renown wise where should i put my points? i know i have to lower crit chance on me, but what after?

3-tactics? is feeding on fear worth? current im using brute force, piercing talon, feeding on fear and crit damage one

4-Is it worth to change to monstro to try to survive other mdps burst window like wl and wh??

thats all ty for the advices guys!
You should try to apply TB as first debuff always then you can go with your rotation ( armor debuff /heal debuff ) then switch into brut for impale/guillotine ( use pulverize )
Corruption/draining swipe are not a “must “ but they fit well in your sava rotation.
Mara is weak on initiative so you need to invest into futile strikes/crit chance then you can parry/deft defenders.
Some points into initiative stat could help you till you get high ini stat from gear. ( genesis / senti / vanq ) .
Best tactics for Mara are : growing instability, piercing byte , fof.
For the last tactic slot you could choose with brute force /flanking/ Impale tactic and deadly clutch ( it will depends of your grp composition.)
One of the “ big weapon “ for Mara is monstro proc , when you get focused by dps melee you can switch into monstro spamming several demolition ( more chance for the proc ) .
Pd : don’t forget to detaunt ! 😀
Ps2: lots of ppl whine about monstro Mara but they don’t know several things about it :
1) no high dmg at all.
2) is a proc and if is happens is good only vs melee.
3) is the only way to compensate the high irrational burst from WL or sw melee.
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