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New Magus need help!

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Re: New Magus need help!

Post#51 » Fri May 15, 2020 6:35 am

ActAppalled wrote:
Mon Apr 13, 2020 12:53 pm
Thank you so much for the in-depth reply and advice. Have u considered 4 piece Dominator instead of Opressor in the setup you outlined? Comparing the 4 pieces you would slot (head, shoulders, chest and boots) the difference between the two sets (I'm using the minmax tool to compare sets) is +107 tougness and +212 Armour +3AP p/s (for Dominator) VS +123 Wounds, +11 Intelligence (lol), 2% reduced crit and 200dmg Shield (for Opressor).

Do you think the 200dmg shield + 123 Wounds warrants the loss in 107 Tougness and 212 Armour (especially for someone who struggles vs melee but ranged/casters aren't as big of an issue because of Blue Pet + los). That is the reason why I was curious about stat weights as I might be over valuing tougness but honestly with my current understanding, the Opressor set makes no sense for the price and tier it is sitting at (even though I can buy it, it seems like a sidegrade at best). I would love to know the logic behind its (in my opinion) worse stats versus the much cheaper and accessible Dominator set.
Hey! What's your final thoughts on that topic? Have you tested both? I have around 500 oppressor emblems, deciding between Domi and Oppressor.
After that (BL + Invader + Domi/Oppressor), what should i aim for? Def Sov looks awful compared to off Sov...


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