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[Magus] End Game Gear - Burst or Survivability ?

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[Magus] End Game Gear - Burst or Survivability ?

Post#1 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 3:35 am

Hello :D ,

I am in my RR 70s with my magus (Main) and feel on the home stretch .... some what. I am now able to pick my X Ninestaff of the Anathema (top SC staff) and started looking at Sovereign sets.

So I am trying to decided if I want to get the Sovereign Daemonlord Set ( The DPS set) with the Nihilist's Ninestaff of the Anathema (DPS Staff) or the Sovereign Daemonfed Set (survivability Set) with the Sentry's Ninestaff of the Anathema (survivability Staff).

The all out DPS seems the safest , it is fun to just burst people down when able , and seeing high numbers in cities and SC is also nice. However, it would also be pretty cool to actually be a lot more survivable ( hopefully) and maybe focus on AOE / rift spec. One of my worries is that the survivability , will just end up being a weak tank, where I don't even feel like he is "tough", and has low DPS.

Which Sovereign set and which Ninestaff of the Anathema do people usually get and what do people think of the survivability Magus vs DPS Magus ?

Thank you for any help / advice!!

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Re: [Magus] End Game Gear - Burst or Survivability ?

Post#2 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:20 am

Go full glass. You can hit people at over 100ft away that + good positioning is your defense.

Magus is w/ aegis pretty much one of the most durable DPS classes in the game besides like msh and mara when you look at things gear aside. You will be fine in places like city with a dedicated guard, although the 100+ ft sniper playstyle is obviously out the window as you will mostly be playing like a pseudo MDPS with pbaoe stuff. Choppas and sorcs will die much sooner than you ever will in organized PvP even when you are glass canon spec inside the deathball playing like a mdps.

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