Maruader Savagery tree.......really!?!?

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Maruader Savagery tree.......really!?!?

Post#1 » Thu Sep 21, 2023 11:24 pm

So my marauder has 7 skill points and I wanted to try out the Savagery tree first skill. I can select and train it but it does not show on Abilities. Come to find out "Draining Swipe" which is same level as Guillotine (lvl21) and Wave of Mutilation (lvl21) is a level 29 skill. So why is Savagery upside down on skill levels compared to Brut/Mont. The skills in those trees are 21/25/29 but Sav is has to be level 29 in order to use the very first skill on in that tree which is lvl 21 and the highest skill should be lvl 29 but its the intentional or not?


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