[Sorc] Tank build.

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[Sorc] Tank build.

Post#1 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:25 pm

After playing tank build magus I wondered if you can make something similar with a sorc, and come up with this build.

https://officialrorbuilder.herokuapp.co ... ,5413,5425

The idea is absorb centered and proc centered build, which also assumes sorc in this build will have to do lot of melee fighting, and gives tools to do so.

Build points:

1. Defense- 75% for an absorb proc each time sorc causes dd, combined with tools to do dd hit each gcd or so (Disastrous Cascade/ Doombolt or Shattered Shadows with CQ tactic).

2. Offensive procs- the build is proc heavy, and uses those to compensate for the lesser int (no place for EK tactic, and toughness talis instead of int). For AoE, there is a 75% chance for a Frozen Touch proc on each dd hit, and an additional 35% at max DM chance for a Piercing Shadows proc on each dd hit. For single target, in addition to those two sorc also gets extra 100% of Shades of Death proc on each dd hit.

3. AoE dmg- for open rvr the goal is mobile aoe dmg. With this build, sorc uses two main aoe attacks- Disastrous Cascade, a 3 sec channel on a short CD, and a Shattered Shadows with a 1.5 sec cast and no CD, both benefiting from the procs above.

4. Single target- 1.5 sec Doombolt, which also triggers up to 3 dd procs in each cast, and has a 75% to trigger absorb on each cast to allow sorc to survive long enough to deliver dmg in melee.

5. Dealing with backlash dmg from DM- since there is no may to negate it for sorc, instead it turns it into additional source of dmg.

6. Additional bonus- with several people attacking the same target, Shades of Death becomes a nice source of instant spike on a 5 sec CD (unless it has some ICD, though not that I'm aware of).

7. Additional bonus- you provide extra absorb to support your party in rvr, compared to regular sorc builds.
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Re: [Sorc] Tank build.

Post#2 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:21 am

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Re: [Sorc] Tank build.

Post#3 » Thu May 09, 2019 11:24 am

The second a I see a CQ tactic, I know you don't play an AoE Sorc... You want to be defensive? Use T-Blasting.

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Re: [Sorc] Tank build.

Post#4 » Wed May 15, 2019 2:22 pm

"Suicidal" defines this build very well
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