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Returning WE !

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:39 am
by Eisboleas
Hello everyone,
So I 've been away from the game for like one and a half year, I read some changes (tho I cant get em all yet) but my most important question is this,
What build in terms of gear and skills-talent is the best for small scale -(pick ups)- 1v1 fights ?

Also if its possible a picture or a description of the item (or any link would be way better) of the new item would be much appreciated since when I left the best build was Conq set.

Thanks in advance !

Re: Returning WE !

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:22 am
by Miszczu5647
Work toward Vanquisher armor set (rvr gold bags of you have renown rank high enough). If you play a lot it will be easy as you can obtain Vanquisher medallions also. That's easiest part.
Look also on sentinel set (city dungeon's). Helmet + jewelery is BiS right now. But jewelery is 3rd dot influence reward. To obtain it you need 12,5 full dungeons run.

My current setup is: 5 Vanquisher - 2 sentinel - 3 Beastlord - 2 genesis.

From this you can work toward Invader set (fortress only) or BloodLord set (Bastion Stair dungeon set). Some like also Onslought set on WE - it is ch22 Hard lvl PQ's reward (requires full wb to finish).

You have few options here. Hardest is lvl 61 SC weapons. It cost 750 emblems +your lvl 45 weapon. Looooong grind.

Sentinel weapon (1st and 2nd dot reward from city dungeon's). But you can sold it for special currency and buy other weapon from this dungeons. So if something won't work for you there is way to switch for something else.

Bloodlord weapons from Bastion Stair dungeon. Influence reward. Have nice ability on as they increase dmg output by 5% but decrease your defence abilities.

Builds doesn't change. But look at new Elixir of Shadows. You will like it.

Re: Returning WE !

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:10 pm
by Landau
You don't need scenario weapons.
Best pair of knives are Outcast (from BB/BE City Dungeons) + Makharia Blade (from BS Dungeon). All of them need hard grinding on PVE, but it is better and faster way to obtain good DPS then scenario grinding.