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[DoK] How do you play your Shield DoK?

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[DoK] How do you play your Shield DoK?

Post#1 » Mon Jan 18, 2021 4:13 am

Im really trying hard to make it work but everytime i feel like my dmg is wimpy which results in garbage heals or i just melt to any class.

i know for a fact that str is the main stat to stack cuz it affects our damage plus block and parry pierce.

Ive tried it with various Renown abilities - crit, Block/parry/dodge/distrup, getting Futile Strikes.

Probably doesnt help that im running beastlord set with gunbad wep, officer shield, and genesis accesories.

Give me all the advice u got!

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Re: [DoK] How do you play your Shield DoK?

Post#2 » Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:57 am

So I'm only 36/46 on my shield dok, but mainly, and this is really hard for me, don't go in first. You should, ideally of course, be in a melee group and with guard. As for rotation, always start with Warding Strike, then if you have a spare second Consume Strength, then I alternate Consume Essence and Transfer Essence, as one uses soul essence and the other AP; refresh Warding Strike on CD. I also dabled into Dark Rites for the group shield, so use on CD, Devour Essence if your in a group and then Essence Lash in your rotation to keep things topped off and that's about it; Blood Of My Blood for emergencies if your not being focused, Devour Essence to keep things going.

My initial problem was figuring out all the difference Essence this and that, so I rearranged my hotbars to manage them, this was hardest part for me. I still die plenty, but when i'm in a good (PUG) SC with melee train that knows how to assist and guard swap onto me, we kill it. For open world, not so much. This is not a spec to run the zergs with. My last ability (I don't have yet) is Soul Ward. It has a long CD, but you have to take it, so do and then run in with your group with that to help you all get to your target and hope a tank doesn't disrupt at distance. My rr are FS II and block IV, FS III coming soon. Then probably Might as much as I can and Reflexes for left over. That's the plan anyways.

Good luck, it is rough more oft than not, but stick with it. I have other caster heals, so I really like the change.

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Re: [DoK] How do you play your Shield DoK?

Post#3 » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:21 am

Its a hard spec to make good, its kinda high risk high reward. You can try to pick up aoedetaunt but its hard to fit in your tactics.
I use 3 sov 5 warlord and still feel like spec is risky. I prefeer backline healing or dps dok, people say its OP in anorher thread, i cant see it but then again i dont have enough snb experince.

Best spec for pve by huge margin. Get all pve gear you can, sentinel and bloodlord is good sets.
Get full FS in renown for sure, i pick up HD when snb as well so i need crit from renown.
You can get 40 block 40 parry if you really want to with endgame gear
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