[IB] Oathstone useless?

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[IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#1 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:32 am


I would like to hear your opinion about the oathstone. For me the skill is almost useless.
I can remember on the live server (till RR 80) it was a very nice skill. Later on live (till RR 100) and now he is only a shadow of himself. Sadly! May be it is possible to adjust the damage reflect.

But now let's talk about this skill. :)

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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#2 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:50 am

It can make rdps think twice before they burst on you, makes dps DoKs run away, melts choppaz... How much it hits for depends on your build and buffs you have on. For me Oathstone is in top 3 offensive s'n'b skills.
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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#3 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:10 am

Its the skill thats probobly been nerfed the hardest in the game. It used to be able to crit for 1500 dmg at one point. So imagine if you use a AoE skill on a warband with 8 IB. (Every order WB used to run 8 IB pre Kotbs) and they all loaded up full Grudge Oathstone. It was a instant wipe for Destro dps classes which they couldn't really counter properly.

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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#4 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:41 pm

I think Oathstone been overnerfed should maybe raise the damage a bit nothing like 1500 crit ofc.

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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#5 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:43 pm

The damage is still high enough to dissuade people from attacking you at 100 grudge, I've found. Throw a taunt in there for good measure, and you're hitting very hard with it (I think I got Ivashka the shaman down from 100% to 30% with it).
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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#6 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:02 am

Mandatory for stone IB I'd say. I'm hitting ~740 on squishes and ~450 on defensivly geared targets. Can melt WE who for whatever reason decided to jump on you. Plus it's +800% block chance.
I'm not sure if it's damage defendable, seems it's not.
Although I'd really love buff for number of hits. 4 is too low for 10 second duration in WB environment. Would love it either be infinite or at least 10 hits for 10 seconds. Not balancing around 1v1 right.

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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#7 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:00 am

oathstone is you best defence option at full grudge,dealing decent damage and help you survive until heals reach you when you are close to death

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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#8 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:49 am

individually without any type of organization/coordination oathstone is meh.

Collectively with organization/coordination it is more powerful.
If you got 4 or 8 IB's all standing close to each other and all coordinate a oathstone it can be pretty powerful. I can see this used in chokepoints like keep defenses.

I wrote this in another thread but it somewhat applies here because it uses oathstone.

Dwarf Tank wall
4 Stone IB's with 2 any spec heally RP. Defensive morale cycle combined with ability. Due to 2 RP 100% upkeep on mountain spirit. All 4 stone IB's Pop Oathstone (10/30) as a team when the door goes down. After 10 sec's start to rotate 2 Strength in number's ever 10 sec's. Pop Oathstone again as a team when it's off cooldown. Wait 10 sec Rotate 2 strength in number's again. Pop Oathstone again. Tank wall defensive morale cycle combined with ability. 4 Strength in Number's = 40/60 This isn't 100% upkeep but it is potentially 40 sec's out of a minute of extreme high avoidence + extreme high mitigation.

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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#9 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:33 am

Oathstone is 4 hits only, during keep defense it wears off instantly

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Re: [IB] Oathstone useless?

Post#10 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:47 am

Step one, compare Oathstone to Elite Training, or Can't Hit Me.
Step two, laugh.
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