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2H IronBreaker Buff priority ( Vengeance spec)

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2H IronBreaker Buff priority ( Vengeance spec)

Post#1 » Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:45 pm

At this very moment i'm lvl 25 and I feel like I'm trying to put as many buffs as I can, but then I forget to actually put some damage up.
  • Which buffs / spells are better to use and which spells can be seen as filler / not really usefull for an Vengeance specced IB.
  • What are the priorities to put some damage up ?
I know that everything depends on the situation and who you are facing, but I assume that some spells have little to no use for an 2H IB and for his Oath friend.

On a side note, I really enjoy the Ironbreaker and it feels like you really have no downtime on buttons to use. Even without AP you can still put out something up for your friend or foe :)
It changes alot from a SW or an WH haha!

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Re: 2H IronBreaker Buff priority ( Vengeance spec)

Post#2 » Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:32 pm

There are roughly 2 or 3 skills that you shouldn’t use since they are of little use to you or your Oathfriend. These skills are Vengeful Strike; Costs 10 Grudge for a toughness buff that will usually be covered by other buffs from other sources. Second skill is Guarded Attack; raises you and your friends armour but again, this skill will usually be covered by a simple armour pot.

The last skill is Inspiring Attack. Now this skill shouldn’t be completely ignored, especially if you run Punishing Knock. The strength buff again is usually covered by other buffs or strength pots, the willpower buff however shouldn’t be ignored especially during times you are guarding a healer. Willpower is a bit of a meme stat, but a 300+ Willpower buff is decent enough to mention. Helps with disrupts to.

Priorities for damage are as follows.
Snare first then Stonebreaker (your snare will usually get eaten by the first cleanse, saving your armour debuff). Punishing Blow comes next.
Ideally you want to have Ancestors Fury, Watch An’ Learn buff on as well as Stuborn as Stone AA+ Haste buff up, but these aren’t essential before damage rotations start and can be used mid rotation somewhere.
Every 2nd or 3rd skill in your rotation should be Heavy Blow to maximise your damage.
Once your snare and armour debuff are on target you can start your burst rotation. Cave In, Heavy Blow, Grudge Born Fury and then as soon as GBF finishes use Earthshatter. You will auto attack at the end of GBF, this alongside Earthshatter can usually timestamp for over 2K on low to medium armour targets.
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Re: 2H IronBreaker Buff priority ( Vengeance spec)

Post#3 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 2:23 pm

You should always use heavy blow then "X buff/debuff" skill and again heavy blow and so on. You use globals while heavy blow deals full dot damage

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