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[IB] best pve/dungeon build?

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Re: [IB] best pve/dungeon build?

Post#2 » Sun Jun 13, 2021 3:36 am

IMO, second build looks definitely better, but:

1) Long-Held Grudges tactic doesn't work, so it's Menace all the way, besides if you do your job right, you constantly spend your grudge to boost AP to your DDs (see the second point) → you won't have high enough grudges all the time to make that tactic outperform Menace.

2) Told Ya So! tactic is very important for your DDs to maintain high DPS. Your main aggro tools are Challenge, Taunt and Grudging Blow anyway, so your own dps isn't that critical unless you want to be 2h OT.

3) Earthshatter is a good source of aoe aggro in dungeons (after Challenge obviously), I dislike builds without it, personally.

I run this build for PVE. Until you get Sov+2 you can skip 2 points in Vengeance. Sentinel ring with +6% block tali is a must for this build though to keep the block rate high enough.

Edit: Forgot to add, that my build is supposed to have at least one MDPS as my Oathfriend, well, I think that's obvious. GnM is a good save-your-arse button at times and a good AP boost utility as well, but you won't need it really much, I would prefer Eathshatter over it.

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