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Looking for a durable WH build for WB play..

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Looking for a durable WH build for WB play..

Post#1 » Tue May 05, 2020 4:34 am

I'm trying to improve the surviveability on my WH. Im wearing full Conq and 4/5 genesis with Doomsday/subjugator weapons.. So far Ive got 3 levels of Futile strikes, parry and dodge/disrupt each.. The rest is in crit.

Im curious what distribution of talisman I should use. Im currently all invested into strength at 910.

my wounds give 7k HP with a wounds/str liniment.

I was considering:

1. a mix of wounds and armor.
2. Wounds
3. A mix of wounds and armor and str..

Im leaning towards option one as the aoe melee is usually what brings me down in WB play.

I appreciate any advice above and beyond what ive asked.


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Re: Looking for a durable WH build for WB play..

Post#2 » Tue May 05, 2020 6:37 am

Durable build is Dragon gun build, because u can have 100% disrupt, speed/restealth buff, ranged KD on demand and the 100% parry skill all in one spec. Basically the first 10 seconds you are very sustainable and after that you need to decided either continue or run (you have the tools).

Investing into Deft defender is worthless on WH imo. On my BG I have 45% and I barely get any disrupts. With dodge it works better. But my bet you are far from 45% now.

In my case the best rr spec is going full parry, full crit, rest futile strikes aaand not to play in WB.
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Re: Looking for a durable WH build for WB play..

Post#3 » Thu May 07, 2020 1:54 am

Pretty much agree with Popperz. Invest in avoidance stats and wounds. Stay away from multiple aoe’s in one place, your toughness is crap to mitigate the aoe effects.
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Re: Looking for a durable WH build for WB play..

Post#4 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:19 pm

Im in Full Vanq now.

8k Hps.
0% chance to be crit.
like 200 toughness
1860 armor

I still get popped pretty quick if my guard isnt on point and my heals arent top notch in city.

I went DG spec with a twist. I sub specced into the heal debuff said forget crit and stacked my str to 1050 with some wounds and WS. I know i know without the crit tactic im lost..

Not so much and its an experiement.

My problem 100% isnt doing damage. Its staying alive long enough to do some!

Seems despite my best efforts playing a WB on a WH isnt really a good plan.

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