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[Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

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[Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#1 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:12 am

Hi all, i'm a returning player from live and from RoR a couple years ago.

I just wanted to start a thread to clarify some things about WH (clarify some of my questions)

So from what i'm reading, WH is in a pretty rough shape right now and it seems like their only purpose is to gank 1v1, small scale and look pretty. That being said, i'm ok with that and I chose the class still because that sounds nice to me.

But something that suprised me is that i've seen in some threads and posts from the devs that they aren't even gonna concentrate or look at WH or WE even if glaring issues would arise. Is that true ? can devs from a game with 12 class just choose to ignore 2 classes for no real reason other than ''it's a team based game''?

Also, is the WH really that weak and is making 1v1 relevent to the bigger picture in RVR that undesirable?

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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#2 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:36 am

It's not a huge team developing the game. So they can't focus on all parts at the same time. Sadly WH/WE aren't up high on the priority list right now. I think one reason that they're not high on the list is that the game isn't focused on 1v1 or small scale combat, where WH/WE are of the most use right now. So yes, 1v1 is completely unrelevant to the bigger picture in RVR.
So don't expect any drastic changes to the classes anytime soon. The last changes were byproducts of bug fixes and actually hurt the classes.

You can play solo and in scenarios or join open or even some semi organized wbs in RVR. You will not make a big impact, but at least the times of getting kicked out of a wb without explanation seem to be over. In cities you will probably have to take the painfull solo queue route for a long time until your rr and gear are high enough and you can maybe get the chance to take one of the very rare WH slots in an organized group.

Unless you've got high rr and very good gear a lot of classes/players will be unkillable or take very long to kill in 1v1 which increases the chance of more enemies joining the fight to slaughter you.

tl;dr: You can have fun with the class. But be prepared for a long and very rocky road and don't expect people cheering when you join their wb (:
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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#3 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:49 am

Hi there.

I'm a R30 RR45 WH, so everything I say can and should be ignored if you're looking for advice from people who actually know the class at max level and decent gear. I'd just like to share my two cents.

I'll refer to this part of the question: "Also, is the WH really that weak", as I don't know of the owners' plans and/or whether making a strong soloroaming class would largely be undesirable for the bigger picture.

I've done the same thing you did. Before I made the class, I browsed the forums.
Surely people must ask for nerfs for this class, after all I remember it being quite potent in live and it looked like great fun.
Oh lawdy. People do NOT like this class. I'll never be taken to a City, literally every other class does their job better than I do mine, I'm squishy, etc. - my personal favorite which gave me a good chuckle: "WH is the 4th best mdps class in a game where each faction only has 3 mdps classes"
That being said, I did not care. People will always find a way to whine on Forums, I've never really been interested in the Meta aspect of things and I get a hat and all skill names were named by an edgy 12 year old, what's not to like?

So I started my journey, T1 was, as expected, a pain at first. At level 10 it was great, soloroaming in the RvR lake and getting giddy with each and every ridiculous xp reward per person (thanks, AAO). Could also go toe to toe with most (if not all) mdps classes and tanks even if I didn't get the drop on them. Great fun for that alone.

Level 16 was, as expected, humbling in oRvR. Alright, time to join the hivemind and leech uh I mean contribute to the war effort. Did that for a while, then did a few Scenarios, and let me tell you, T2-3 scenarios on a WH are actually quite fun. Surprisingly, there are no full sov people with infinity toughness and armor in T2-3, go figure. Everything melts if you get the drop, there are always stragglers, in most decent scenarios there's more than one objective you can pick solo people off of and you can always leisurely walk towards their healers while each faction's dps is having fun hitting their respective enemy's SnB tanks. You can even fight as a main line dps if it must come to that assuming the healers decide to grace you with their attention now and again. You're also great at playing the various objectives. Turns out not being seen when running to an objective is quite helpful. There's great fun in sneakily capturing the flag in Blackfire Basin while destro is off trying to inflate their damage numbers near your spawn for no apparent reason.

I also did this weird thing called making friends in MMOs, namely another lowbie WH. So we decided to duo roam, both around level 20ish. Much to our utter surprise, we were able to actually kill solo players, R40s no less! Well surely they must all have been wearing literal tatters. Much to our even utter-er surprise, a quick armory check revealed that those were conq, vanq, even one semi-invader geared guy. Whether they were just horrible players I do not know, lord knows the two of us weren't (and still aren't) masters of this class.

Moving forward to R29, I'm in full t3 RvR with the SC weapons and I'm actually able to quite effectively pick people off solo, even those with better gear. There's always a destro zerg running around in one form or another, and always, ALWAYS there's some slacker running behind. And if the stars align and said slacker hasn't been graced with divine armor and weaponry by the lords of chaos themselves (and their class name isn't getaway artist aka shaman) usually that means that they'll die, and I'll squeal like a little schoolgirl at all the delicious RP and XP I just got from that. If they don't die, there's at least just as much of a chance that I at least won't die, either. For the record, those people, some of them 40s, didn't always "melt" due to my sheer dps output at level 29 (unless they were equipped roughly equally), obviously. But they died, and they died before I was dead. I think this is very reasonable considering my gear level.

For the record, this is not my first class on RoR, and it most certainly isn't my first character in Warhammer Online as a whole, and by comparison with regards to my usefulness solo I felt like the WH was "semi-"viable *much* earlier than other classes (though I would assume the same goes for WE, which I haven't played).

With regards to viability in a warband, oh yes, it's dreadful, no question there. You get your occasional ego boost whenever you move in through a postern and are able to outskill those chumps on the oil in a honorable 1v1 duel while 4 healers curse the day they made their characters and spamheal that one shitty WH who just HAD to attack that sov Mara.

That being said: From my very personal perspective, regardless of whether the WH is balanced in the bigger picture, since you said you're okay with looking pretty and having an incredibly fun to play 1v1 class, I'd say go for it. Bonus points for grouping up with other WHs and sharing the fun. In my opinion this is even more viable now that you can get royal crests from oRvR bags, this hasn't been the case earlier. So if you don't *like* Cities (I'm pretty indifferent myself, even having played classes that conform to the meta much more than the WH) you don't have to play cities to ever reach endgame gear.

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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#4 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:27 pm

WH Dragon gun is a best good spot for a group Morale Pump/dump ( best order way, second is AM and only one mate) but he need to survive and this make the defensive set may be the BiS so it need a lot of Scenar for Conq and Vanquisher . It may be a lot difficult when with a slayer or a WL you can just take the Conq and AOE on pack to leech RP.

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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#5 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:44 pm

Ignore the haters, they just want WH to be a token AOE spammer in cities. If you enjoy the stealth/ganking playstyle, this is the class for you. If you're a top tier player, your personal skill will outweigh your choice of class in the super meta warbands during end game content. Otherwise, there's all the other warbands who just need a melee class and don't care either way.
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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#6 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:03 pm

It depends on how much you want to contribute and how often you want to feel the gratification of accomplishment. If you are willing to wait a long time, play alone, and you don't care about the endgame gear, this is the class for you.

I say this as one who chose this class first above all others and got rr70 before giving up. Me, I like to be useful and I like to accomplish things. You won't be as useful or accomplished as literally any other class in the game. You are the bottom of the barrel class, F tier, unwanted, unappreciated, unloved. There is nothing you do that another class doesn't do better.

I'm not hating. These are facts. I love the class and would jump back to it immediately if I could. I've tried making suggestions, I've ranted, but I just don't think the original vision of this class meshes with vision of WAR with the RoR team. It needs an extreme change. In light of everything else that needs to happen for the game, I don't see this ever happening.

Let that inform your decision making.

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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#7 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:26 pm

wow thank you guys, all great and helpful anwsers.

I also ser ppl just hating on the community but you all proved then wrong. so I did meet another WH at my level at around Rank 20 and that is giving me hope since I kinda had the same experience in taking on rank 40 geared chars, as a team and it's always fun !

Also I do not want WH to become a AoE spam bot, some class are made for that and i'm happy about the unique role WH has ! I will not let go of my WH (even if sometimes it hurts)

I do think I can hold my own in this game so should work out :D

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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#8 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:37 pm

You will never be an aoe dps, but if you wanted that you would have chosen something like BW I think.
Yes, is true that you feel less useful in big battles, but sometimes a sheep gets separated by its heard of 240... maybe only by a few have some kebab, lol.
Can't count the time I got killed like that.
On keep assaults you get to the oil room easily (unless the keep is really full) and you are useful that way.
In city it might be harder, people know you are coming and are ready, but on other scenarios you have more fun (as well as in 12vs12 14vs14 cities)
Haters are gonna hate you because you kill them a lot (I do hate WH for this reason).

Overall, play the class you like...

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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#9 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 10:06 am

Despite all the hate, I really enjoy my WH who is approaching RR 60 now and close to 4 piece Vanq. I do not do cities really, because the timing is usually off for me, but I do everything I can for warband/forts to be useful and a lot of it goes unnoticed.

The cleave on Razor Strike is terrible, there is no denying it, but Dragon Gun feels amazing to me. (I never played it before the nerf it apparently got) Morale pump is good. Your bullets also debuff everyone hit for reduced healing or initiative for more crits. (least those are the two I use) I also use the Judgement pistol, so I can debuff everyone's armor if it procs. I am basically increasing everyone's damage at the cost of my own, but this doesn't show on a scoreboard or the like, so people don't notice your contribution as easily.

It's a fun class that gets overlooked often and I aim to tackle that challenge willingly, despite other classes being easier. I do feel a few tweaks could be justified, but it's not as terrible as everyone makes it out to be and there is some good fun to be had solo roaming if all else fails.

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Re: [Witch Hunter] clarification on the state of WH

Post#10 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:53 pm

i suggest play dragongun build. for wh. check navar wh videos u can be good with dragongun also

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