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old guilty soul vs new guilty soul tactic

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 9:48 pm
by penagos22
hi guys, as always sorry for my english.

which do you think is better? Personally,
I think the new version of guilty soul is very good but that only improves the skills of the wrath path is what does not let it be perfect, but the other day I hit a poor soul with a critical hit of 1800 (hammer of sigmar)(it will be little crit for other classes but I think it is a good number). but on the other hand, due to the same attitude of the server towards the class, I die very quickly because they do not guard you or you are simply incurable because of the softness of the class and I think it would be good to have guilty soul.
I want to clarify that lately I have been tratted well in sc in which I have been, thank you very much to those who guard the wp dps.