KotBS Level 16+

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KotBS Level 16+

Post#1 » Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:07 pm


So I've hit rank 17 and now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I've looked up some guides, but doing the RvR lakes has been really fun. Is it worth it to do these at such a low level? The xp doesn't seem that good. Also I'm not sure how effective I am at helping the group.

In the lakes, most of the time I'm trying to be an annoyance and try to keep people alive via guard and shield ability. I also try to slow enemies and keep up the 10% block buff as much as possible. I feel it is easy to overextend as a tank. Does anyone have a guide that goes over this in detail? I'd like to better place my class/role but this game seems to be a perfect example of easy to pick up and hard to master. I do hope to join a larger guild later for RvR and am in a smaller guild at the moment.

All in all, I've been having tons of fun. T1 is great and T2 onward has a large learning curve I'm having a time figuring out but I want to figure it out. Thanks to all.

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Re: KotBS Level 16+

Post#2 » Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:31 pm

An update:

So it is by far the best to do scenarios, wins give 70-90k exp and 7-9k renown. I'll be doing those for a while. I would suggest anyone at rank 16+ to do scenarios.

Still no clue if I'm doing my class right but I'm having fun figuring it out.

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Re: KotBS Level 16+

Post#3 » Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:34 am

There is no tank guide but here are some tips:

1. Get guard pack addon. This makes following your guard very easy. You need to constantly be by your guard's side to be efficient.
2. There's another addon that puts a giant arrow on whoever you want. That helps you follow the warband leader; ideally you want to join warbands via /5, as a tank (the LFG channel). Since that means they're somewhat organised. PuGs can be pretty bad but sometimes are organised. I don't know what's it called, think it might be Enemy? Ask in /ad and someone will tell you.
3. Challenge is the best thing you can do after guard: 50% dmg reduction on enemies until they hit you 3 times. So always challenge from outside inward and always from the flanks. The idea is to challenge and then avoid being immediately hit so that the debuff lasts as long as possible.
4. Hold the Line is a very important ability too, mainly for RvR or whenever the enemy team has a lot of range (doesn't do anything vs melee). Use it when charging or during a siege (especially in funnel situations).
5. Your main morales are M2 Distracting Bellows and M4 Immaculate Defense. M2 is a 65 feet aoe debuff so make sure you have an enemy selected and that he's in a blob for maximum efficiency. If it's fine hold for M4 or listen to warband calls. On funnel pushes always wait for M4.

It's ideal to level in Scenarios but as a tank if you can actually do it in RvR as well. Especially if you want the tanking gear faster. You need to gear up properly to take advantage of booster, but you can become quite resilient, even at lvl 20.

Overextending is a common issue. There's no guide for it. You need to practice situational awareness, meaning ocassionally FLING your camera around to assess your position. Until you're 40, in rvr, you want to sit a bit in the back. Not a lot, just let the other tanks first ;)

I strongly suggest joining a guild that runs warbands as well. Many of them are friendly and somewhat casual, so you will find a spot in the rvr warbands as well as people to teach you the ropes. Being a tank they'll likely take you on early in RvR as well. The only place where everyone activates Sweat Mode is city. Don't think about city yet, enjoy the game.

If you want more tips or want someone to easily ask for info PM me and i'll send you my discord ID.
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Re: KotBS Level 16+

Post#4 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:17 pm


Thank you so much zulnam. This information is great. The mods help a ton and the points you make seem to fall in line with what I'm thinking a tank does in this game (support, damage soak, debuff, annoy, then DPS last).

I'll give RvR another shot. With my new knowledge maybe I can get better exp rates.

Also, thanks for mentioning the cities. I didn't know where the limit was based on my rank, and was hesitant to join RvR thinking it was bad manners.

I don't have the ability to PM yet and will keep you in mind in the future. Thanks again.

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Re: KotBS Level 16+

Post#5 » Tue May 11, 2021 6:37 am

Welcome to the fraternity of knights. It’s a class that always is needed for...well everything. So you'll never be unwanted in a group, generally speaking.

Now that you’re in T2/3, first thing is to get your keeper set. Yes, it’s boring pve content but it’s your first 5 piece set that will last you until you’re in the 26-29 range and can purchase the next sets of gear. Get your weapons from SC tokens as soon as you can afford them. Get trinkets, belts, capes from renown vendors as well. The goal is working towards conqueror gear, which is a orvr set that is very durable in your first cities.

Second, join a good guild. Many veterans are happy to help you level and even provide you with some goodies that are superfluous to them but vital to you as you progress through T2/3.

SCs net you more exp, oRvR nets you more renown, so a healthy mixture of both as you progress to 40 is good. Weekends provide bonus exp and renown in The featured SC, so definitely take advantage of that.
In SCs, SnB is always the safest bet, but if you wanna flash the 2h, that’s the place for them. ORvR you should always use SnB.

Always guard someone, use HotL to protect from ranged attacks, always backpedal to avoid penalties from being hit from behind. In SCs, try to focus on healers and squishy dps targets. In oRvR, you follow your leader while protecting your guard mate. You will die a lot in oRvR and that’s ok, everyone does. Sticking with your group is always the best policy for survival.

Always use talismans in your gear, wounds for tankiness, strength for damage. Either doesn’t matter too much right now while you’re working towards 40. Maxing your stats while you’re under leveled makes a huge difference until you hit 40 and allows you to stay competitive with people who are more leveled than yourself.

Renown should be FS until you can’t be crit, as well as block/parry/dodge&disrupt. You want to tank damage and survive, as our auras don’t work when our face is in the dirt.

Look at the mastery trees yourself and see which things you wan to try out. T2/3 is the time to try everything as you unlock them. Left tree is more damage and 2h oriented. Middle is more about tanking. Right is more utility. Knights don’t have trees that you really invest heavily into, as every build usually takes points from two trees. Again, have fun with it while leveling and see what you like and don’t like.

This ended up being a bit ramblish, but if you have further more specific questions, I’m happy to answer for you.

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Re: KotBS Level 16+

Post#6 » Tue May 11, 2021 12:15 pm

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