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Witch Hunter does not function dont roll one

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Re: Witch Hunter does not function dont roll one

Post#41 » Fri Apr 19, 2024 2:20 pm

sharpblader3 wrote: Thu Apr 18, 2024 6:01 pm
Morradin wrote: Thu Apr 18, 2024 10:54 am Any class can solo if the player figures out how to stay alive long enough to get the kill. In my 15+ years playing this game I have seen Sorcs and BW's go out solo and get kills.

WH ...
They are fine. IF your main concern is surviving, you are playing wrong.

The ongoing debate on WH's viability is not just around if it can solo or not. Of course, it still can.

But can they go toe to toe with other solo builds in a 1v1 and win? It's definitely harder now.

Abilities that were causing the class to be OP like 150% health per finisher, instant FA procs, 50% armor pen, guaranteed combo point with Razor Strike, etc. all have been nerfed/fixed. Nerf was justified but probably went slightly overboard.

Sure, you can solo on any class but if a BW/Sorc fights an equally skilled WE/WH who gets an opener and knows how to anti-kite, I would say the odds are always in favour of the latter.

Similarly, at an equal footing, a WH now will most likely lose against an opponent skilled and geared towards solo play. But the same is not true for WE.
Bout sums it up. WH are disfavoured vs any other class cept sorc for solo specs I think

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Re: Witch Hunter does not function dont roll one

Post#42 » Sat May 04, 2024 1:20 pm

salazarn wrote: Mon Apr 15, 2024 4:18 pm Witch hunter is an assasin designed to solo play or small group.

Yet it loses 1v1 matchups vs almost every class in the game except sorc.

rr 80 Tanky mara will maul you

riposte chopper with 9k hp and self heal will KD during parry and outduel you.

Tank magus easily has the health to kite you out.


Welf you actually can win sometimes it seems 50 50 tbh

Tanky Dok is either unkillable or will reck you.

cultist cannot be killed solo.

Blorc / Bg / Chosen with some regen and 2h will reck you.

Witch hunter should be renamed sorc killer. Because that is what WH is. It kills sorcs.
This is the reason I abandoned this game and this server, where there was never any real will to fix this class.
When I tried to ask the question I was answered by the devs that war is a game for groups and warband and not for solo play. But no words about the Wh is useless in solo and also in warband.
The only chance to have fun is to gank/roam in small group.
I played WAR from day one, took a wh to RR 100 on the official servers and to the highest level here as long as I played (RR 80), tried all possible combinations of tactics and skill branches. There is no one who can teach me things I don't know about this class.
And yes, wh loses to any other class in 1vs1 except sorc, it has always been like that, even on the official servers except for a short period of time when BAL was pimped and you could even crit even 3/3.5k. It wasn't even dispellable. Then they nerfed it again.

Obviously some wh was better than me, as you will find players better than others in all classes, but wh remains crap. Ignores anyone who claims, that wh is a strong class and you are not a good player, he's just a nutty child who has probably never played a wh.

This game was poorly designed from day one, because the concept on which the balancing of such a game should be based (rock paper scissors), has been completely ignored. On the offical servers, just to mention one, tanks 2h did more damage than dps having 10/11k hits, just rofl!

Yes, I understand your frustration and, for what it may be worth, for me you are 100% right.

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Re: Witch Hunter does not function dont roll one

Post#43 » Sat May 04, 2024 1:46 pm

Please avoid Necroposting and reviving old finished threads - will lock this one now.

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