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{Sword Master} 2 Handed Sword Master Guide

Swordmaster, Shadow Warrior, White Lion, Archmage

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{Sword Master} 2 Handed Sword Master Guide

Post#1 » Mon Jun 20, 2022 9:41 am

Figured I'd make a guide for 2 handed Swordmaster, its another class/spec I have a lot of experience with.
Low Level - 1 - Fresh 40

Tier 1- 1-15
So pretty much for Tier 1 you basically want to go get the Braggart set, And if you can get the last influence weapon from Tier 1 elf (Nightflame greatsword). its one of your best weapons for tier 1. RVR vendors that give you strength focused gear will also suffice, But i'd honestly go pick up the Quest Nothing in Vain (Picked up South of Altdorf, about 28k 51k) and do it up to the helmet at level 15 at this point (Get a friend or 2!, the questline becomes so much easier with friends). Gives very good rewards for tier 1 such as gloves, belt, helm, shoulders Cape wise and jewerly wise, Purchase from Auction house/ Green RVR gear vendors, make sure they are strength focused. With what talismans you have, Slot full strength, and wounds on your 2 handed weapon.

Tier 2 16-26
At level 15/16 Go pick up the Sewers quests (South of Altdorf, about 30k 52k) and do the dungeon, Keeper gear will hold you up very well, I would slot full strength talismans in here If you get an Intruders greatsword drop from here it'll hold you very well up until about 27. Jewelry Wise at level 18 i Picked up mandreds Bladed amulet from Empire tier 3 influence reward, Very good jewerly slot and it will last you a while. Otherwise pretty much get Subsiquent Strength jewerly slots from Auction/ Green gear RVR vendors. Keep going through "Nothing in Vain", you'll still get good belts. Eventually you will get a 3 piece Cape, belt, and jewerly piece at level 27. Slot full strength and wounds on your 2 handed weapon. At level 16, Go get your Refreshing pocket keg, At karaz-a-karak from Master Brewer Harek Surehand (About 42k 36k)

Tier 3- 27-39
Weapon wise at 27, I used Pass watch windblade from Tier 4 Empire Influence, you really don't need the weaponskill, but its nice to have with the decently high strength amount. I used Full Duelist, And I used the 3 piece Vainglorious set (Cape, belt, Jewerly piece). I also got the Thickmuck Bladed amulet from tier 2 dwarf influence. If you don't have a solid 4th piece of jewerly i would check auction/subsiquent green gear RVR vendors.

When you hit 35, I would honestly go full Merc, But theres a mix you can do of Anni/merc or Ruin (for 2 piece armor bonus), pretty much whatever you feel. When you hit 38, I'd pick up Bloodfist Greatsword from tier 4 Dwarf influence, Bladed Amulet of the fist from Tier 2 Emprie influnce, And Warcoat of Repose from Tier 4 Empire influence. I'd also pick up Genesis Fragment and Aspect of the warrior (Pain to get, but will last you till endgame p much).

Tier 4 - Fresh 40 to BiS

Fresh 40
I'd honestly go do LOTD, and pick up the 2 piece LOTD bonus (Emblem and Shroud of Nehekharan Assasins) for the melee power bonus, very good option. OR if you don't care to do land of the dead, you can do Beastlord, and do the cape/jewel/book bonus. Or if you want to be a gigachad and mix both, you can do 2 piece LOTD + beastlord jewel/book/any gear piece other than cape. You have alot of options, you could go full dominator or do a mix with dominator/conq or dominator/merc pretty much whatever, you can look and give yourself some ideas, but ideally you'll want to do funbad, get some redeye pieces. I would honestly do 4 Redeye, 3 beastlord and 2 LOTD mix. Slot full strength, wounds on 2h

Go do CnT, get your sentinel jewel, and for a very solid weapon until fortress pick up Crimson wind or Draugnirs end, I'd honestly do 3 Redeye/4 sentinel, 2 LOTD 2genesis, you'll lose the 3 piece beastlord bonus with sentinel jewel pretty much, but you can still use the jewel as its very good still. slot full strength, wounds on 2h

When you hit the renown 50-60 level, you can do Oppressor/vanq or bloodlord/oppressor or bloodlord/vanq or really whatever. I'd personally do 6 piece Bloodlord, 2 lotd, 2 genesis. you'll probably lose your sentinel bonus but you can do 2 piece at this level with anything. You can use the bloodlord greatsword if you want, or stick with your CnT weapons. slot full strength, wounds on 2h

60- 70. Alot of options here, You could do victorious/triumph/bloodlord/invader, really whatever, i'd take a look, see what you'll like, nothing really set at this level, If you want an idea of what i would personally do, i'd still keep the 6 piece bloodlord n whatnot, but you can go the victorious route or whatever, i leave it up to you. I would however pick up the Fortress greatsword, the 6% melee crit is very hard to pass up. slot full strength, wounds on 2h


Endgame, I'd personally do 5 Off-sov 3 warlord, You don't really need the 3 piece bonus of warlord, but it can be nice in some aspects, or you could do 5 off-sov 2 warlord 2 sentinel or 2 victorious if you pick up the ring. I'd honestly chuck a wounds tali in your sword, and 3 more in your gear, you want to be sitting at high 8k/ low-mid 9k wounds at this point, then more strength. I'd still do the 2 genesis here as well.

If you don't want to pick up genesis, you can do Rough gunbad ruby and the bastion stairs jewel that comes from boss drops. If you want to solo, you can chuck in a Lionmark of the fleshrender if you want, but honestly with swordmaster its kind of eh.

MASTERY/TACTICS - - Sword Master What i'd personally run, you can tinker with it if you plan to go 2h in groups (ideally pick up whispering winds if you are in a group)

I'd personally go 4 strength, 3 weaponskill, 2 toughness, 2 wounds, max parry, 2 deft defender, 2 futile strikes. Weapon skill isn't needed obviously, but its what i would personally do, or you could cut the weaponskill, throw 1 in opportunist and throw the other 5 points elsewhere, up to you.

That should be it, If you have any questions, or something I left out please let me know! I hope this guide was able to help out. if you have any suggestions of what you would do, I'm open to suggestions and feedback.

Ideally, if you have any questions or need help with pve (i love pve) message me on discord, i respond 99% of the time and usually very quick. (Techno#2123)
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Re: {Sword Master} 2 Handed Sword Master Guide

Post#2 » Mon Jun 20, 2022 10:52 am

Thank you, we need more posts like this.

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Re: {Sword Master} 2 Handed Sword Master Guide

Post#3 » Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:35 am

I personaly pick the 6 Sov + 2 warlord (you need the +2 masteries for ether dance + WW), then you can go up to 7 sov + 2 Victorious (ring and boots), wich allow you to drop Discerning offense (you got same with the 7 pcs proc), and replace with another tactic (I chose Bolstering enchantment for better group support.

I made some build and recommendations in this thread : viewtopic.php?f=76&t=45052&start=10#p484710 (I since changed some gear for Victorious, but fundamentals are the same)

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