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Re: [Archmage] dps and healing build

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:59 pm
by Cornerback
Why would anyone take willpower over Restorative Burst or Run Between Worlds?

Also, FE is awesome for healing yourself while kiting, as the first tic will even heal you when running. And AMs usually have to run a lot.

Re: [Archmage] dps and healing build

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:42 am
by gungnir08
Minerva wrote:
gungnir08 wrote: To argue that MI is, in any way, superior to FE is laughable.
Again. Never. Said. That. Read.
Perhaps you didn't, but the spec you linked on the first page certainly implies that that's what you think. Otherwise, why would you pass on Funnel Essence but grab Magical Infusion?

But if you don't think MI is better than FE, there's really nothing left to discuss. Sorry for the mistake.
Azarael wrote:
Actually, on Live, Wild Healing didn't proc on HoT crits like it does here.

Relevant report.
I can't speak for the time around launch, but from mid-2009 on (aka when I mained healing AM), HoTs absolutely didn't proc Wild Healing.

I remember it so well because, even then, I'd have killed for that change. Anchored healbotting is one of those things I've tried to avoid at every turn, and that would have gone a long way in helping my playstyle, especially with Healing Energy not castable on the move like what we have here.

If it's an intentional thing, then I'm happy to thank you for thinking of us healing AMs and move on.

EDIT: Or does the link indicate that WH is to be reverted to as it was on Live in the future? It says 'Fix Pending,' but the ticket was closed in 2015.

Re: [Archmage] dps and healing build

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:19 am
by Kaoshaman
Hi guys! Whats up!

My 10cents, for what it's worth -

I realised Warhammer Online, is not really like any of the mainstream mmorpgs out there. There is a lot of versatility at play from selecting your rotations up to masteries and even more so, with the renown system of growth.

Now, I would like to clear up, there are no set in stone ways to play any mmorpg. It is entirely player dependant. This is exactly the thing that I have come accross countless times. Players seem to think there is a single surefire way in which to play a certain class. Which, is not true. There are tons of ways to play all the classes, although, I will agree to saying something more along the lines of "There is a singular specific method of playing a class in it's specced mastery, most effectively." This, is quite a different story. I don't think the original poster, ever wanted to imply this post is supposed to be THE most effective build for this class. It was simply a share of how the poster plays this class personally.

That's what I read out of it, anyway.

Have fun guys!
Until next time!