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[WL] What's a good build right now for WL?

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Re: [WL] What's a good build right now for WL?

Post#11 » Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:38 pm

New to RoR, played WL as my main on live so many years ago.

Can someone explain to me how the builds listed above are better at killing healers than the one here: ... ,4265,4253

It seems like Cull the Weak and Thin the Herd are far superior to quickly killing squishy healers.

Am I missing something?

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Re: [WL] What's a good build right now for WL?

Post#12 » Fri Aug 02, 2019 3:07 pm

Cull the Weak and Thin the Herd are indeed good for killing healers, BUT.

1) Hunter/axeman doesn't really do more dps than Hunter/guardian
2) All your utility and your big attack (CS) is tied to your pet which means you HAVE to use speed training in most cases, also without Leonine frenzy your pet gets slowed/rooted etc which means you can't do anything.
3) Guardian has KD which is always good

The only time I'd go hunter/axeman would be for AoE hatredcopter madness for warband play or you could go hunter/axeman with Thin the Herd for organised 6v6 I guess.
For most other parts of the game you probably wanna go with the standard guardian build and either go

a) TTK with Brute force, speed training, pack synergy and the fourth is optional but you normally take flanking here
b) TTH with Brute force, speed training, pack synergy and Pack hunting

They're roughly equal in terms of dps so it's whatever you prefer really. My normal engagement looks something like this:

brutal pounce->Leonine frenzy (as I'm sending the pet in)->pounce->FO->CS->Cleave Limb->Pack Assault->Lion's Fury, if the target isn't dead then you kinda have to choose after that.

You can either do echoing roar if you think the fight will go on for a longer time, you could spam sundering chop if you believe you can actually kill your target before your normal rotation comes off cooldown. Only spam sundering chop if your confident you can kill your target because it will drain your AP and you won't be able to do another dps rotation.
You could just autohit and wait for your rotation to come off cooldown but normally you have to disengage and find a new target if you don't actually kill your target with your burst.

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