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[AM] DPS Build / Rotation

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[AM] DPS Build / Rotation

Post#1 » Fri Oct 02, 2020 12:35 pm

Hi all,

I am a semi new player and i need some advices in dealing damage.

It would be nice if someone could tell me a rotation or spell priority and of course builds for sc/rvr/Solo.

And it would be nice if you could tell me about what sets,weapons, accessoires i have to go for.

Atm i am level 37 / rr 52 and most of the time in heal spec. I like healer, just want to learn the full potential of my class.

So pls help me to become a better dps am, thx.

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Re: [AM] DPS Build / Rotation

Post#2 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 5:13 pm

Heya. Had you come around 2 years ago I would've given you more details, but I just came back to the server and my memory of all my characters isn't very good. But I played lots of dps AM, up to the same rank you are now.
Why I like it, compared to some other rdps? Honestly I always loved DoT classes, and dps AM is just that, and more! The only downside is that the community's having a hard time accept that AM can be something else than healer and that people are free to play the spec they like, and not only the specs that others want them to play.
My build is pretty simple, glass cannon with some utility : - Archmage

If you like staying in the back and hitting from max range, while assisting your front line with a bit of CC (aoe knockbacks), fast res, aoe slows and heal debuff, you might like it.

My rotation is : (put dots first) Law of Conductivity > Radiant gaze > Transfer Force > Scatter the Winds > (pressure with burst and drain) Radiant Lance > Fury of Asuryan > Searing touch.

Somewhere in the rotation if you are getting low on AP use your drain magic as needed.

I usually also put Dissipating Energies on our tanks as soon as they get close to the enemies, and watch the fireworks.

Also use Mistress of the Marsh to slow people from far, help your melees get kited less.

I save Walk between worlds for emergencies, sometimes I use it offensively to knock people if they're too close to edges. Same for cleansing Flare. But these 2 if used carelessly could kill team mates instead as they make enemies immune to future knock backs for a while.

Also, since you can still heal for a little bit (not much due to tactic), try keep changing defensive targets to your team mates that need help, since they do get health back from Transfer Force, balance essence, hots and shields.

I also use Morale 1 heal Divine Favor to heal myself if I'm being attacked, or save team mates. In non stop fighting scenarios it's easy to get to morale 3, I like to use Divine Protection to shield everyone for 4200dmg.

My set right now is Mercenary set : gives +1 to path of asuryan and +5% crit chance. Couple that with tactic and staff, you can easily get 27%+ crit chance. I haven't reached end game gear yet, we'll see :p.

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