What SM builds you running after latest tank patch?

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What SM builds you running after latest tank patch?

Post#1 » Fri May 31, 2024 11:38 pm

Heya. Just starting a friendly discussion about what builds folks have been trying out since the tank changes. I've mostly been running 2H and alternating between:

RoR.builders - 2H WW/ED with EA+EB

and its cousin

RoR.builders - 2H WW/ED with Gryphon's Lash + CoT + PE

I've found both of them to be about the same effectiveness mostly b/c my Ether Dance is unreliable which makes BA less useful and the ability to apply damage bypassing defenses using GL comes in handy against various dual-wield mdps. Also the Phoenix Wing spam works well with it.

Also ran a shield build for a bit which was interesting considering how high the block rating got:

RoR.builders -Shield Master w/ PD and CW

Healmaster is still meh but situationally useful.

One thing I have not found yet is a really good use for Sapping Strike. It just doesn't flow well and isn't worth giving up Whispering Wind to push that high into Khaine (at least that I've found). Maybe some others have a different experience.

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Re: What SM builds you running after latest tank patch?

Post#2 » Sat Jun 01, 2024 2:57 am

My builds are similar to yours, unfortunately WW is almost a MUST as it remains one of the strongests utilities of the SM, after latests changes the mechanic feels smoother.

Having said that Healmaster needs to be improve and it needs only two changes first bring Phantom's Blade to Hoeth Tree, there you have all the healing on one tree, now make it stackable with any other wound buff out there or convert it in a direct healing instead of wounds buff.

WW + 2H DPS or either WW + SNB protecting will both bring some effective healing to the group but honestly its better to have more IB's or KOTB's in the wb atm.

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Re: What SM builds you running after latest tank patch?

Post#3 » Sat Jun 01, 2024 11:40 am

Like you for warband play I've dropped down to 11 points in Khaine which allows one to get the bubble and the knockdown from hoeth tree, which wasn't possible pre-changes with the ED/WW build. In WBs though since I'm mostly spamming Phoenix Wing I wouldn't bother with BA or EA. Probably grab Isha's Protection, Rugged, GWM and PE.

I haven't really done any 6-man stuff since the changes but I can see taking some more single-target stuff there might be useful. Really I have just been 2-man to 4-man roaming where I don't run a winds build *gasps* :)

https://builder.returnofreckoning.com/c ... ,9063,9062

With the Sov +2 the Khaine path overstacks to 16. This gives nature's blade amazing stat steal and with rough maths the extra damage on abilities is better than having another +strength set piece bonus. I used to overstack to 17 before the changes, but Sapping Strike is just so good. I think the changes have been really great for offensive 2h. Forget the stupid punt, sapping strike gives an extra 10% crit and being able to knockdown straight into ether dance is awesome.

Ideal rotation (on a training construct) goes something like this: sudden shift > wrath of hoeth > blurring shock > EA > sapping strike > taunt > ether dance. You can also use sudden shift to get both wrath of hoeth and sapping strike up on a target, or to go sapping strike > knockdown > ether dance.

The damage is honestly kind of disgusting. Obviously in reality you will need to be throwing out snares and shatters, so you won't always get this kind of dps. But it reliably hits above 800 dps and 5k burst. I still run Crimsonwind for reactionary and +parry talisman.

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Re: What SM builds you running after latest tank patch?

Post#4 » Tue Jun 18, 2024 7:13 am

Sapping strike is really strong for focused singletarget dps , definitely SM is now the stongest offensive dps among all the tank classes which is fair considering their more fragile nature. It also boosts the crit chance of pheonix wing aoe spam. It is unfortunate serious WB play requires the SM to be a WW bot since sapping strike just feels right. Unfortunately not possible to make decent Sap+WW build unless important key abilities are sacrificed.

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