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Witch Elves: My Experience So Far

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Witch Elves: My Experience So Far

Post#1 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:09 am

Besides leveling craft professions on alts, this is the only class I've been playing since I've started 3 weeks ago.

The topic is focused on my experience in PVP only. My hope is that this sparks up a conversation on Witch Elves in general and how to play them; I'm putting this post here because I'm also hoping to get input from folks who play Order and what their experiences are fighting Witch Elves.

1-40 with RR 40 is a bit of a wash. Getting thrust into T4 at 31 is where you start to see a real disparity in almost every aspect: gear, RR investments, skill point investments and generally having literally most skills to choose from, etc. 31-40 was rough rough learning experience for me both in the RvR lakes and in SCs.

I'm running this build right now: - Witch Elf

40/40-60 was just a clumsy mess of learning. It could just be me or the illusion of safety that stealth gives you but it's like I reset my brain for Witch elves every session and pop up on a healer while there are 10000000000000 rDPS around them or 4 other healers. RR60-61 was when I finally practiced self awareness and just started to assist on kills in the front or work on an isolated healer while everyone is distracted by my team mates.

I still forget to detaunt sometimes. I still derp and don't realize I'm rooted and cast Fleet footed too late sometimes. Just recently found out that silence and knock downs share the same cool down. I thought Elixir of the Cauldron was on hit by you but in fact it's nothing like that. Clumsy. There were a lot of mistakes made, I'm sure some of you here have bore witness to them. Lol.

My match-up experiences so far not knowing any specific abilities/spells of order classes at all and just learning by doing:

Warrior Priests: book and hammer heal bots have been easy for me so far. Every once in a while one fights back and I just straight up lose, but those are rare. More often than not in a SC there are at least 2 healers, and that cross heal mixed in with a guard makes them almost impossible to kill without coordinated attack with your mates.

Arch Mages: I just know to knock em' down when they start twirling that staff overhead. In RvR as with all healers, they're in deep so I'm usually only catching them running ahead and tryin to shoot lasers at people. So when that happens they're relatively easy to take down, even after they use all of their CC. I've had similar experiences with them in SCs.

Rune Priests: Similar to the Arch Mages, the only difference being I laugh when I see em' running with their tiny, stubby feet.

KotbS: I ignore em. I feel like I have to spec both in gear and skill trees just to fight THEM.

Swordmaster: Surprisingly I don't have much experience with them 1v1 either in RvR or SCs. I've mostly been chased down and killed by them while low health.

Ironbreakers: I ignore them and heh, tiny stubby feet.

Witch Hunters: They seem to mirror Witch elves, but possess more utility in lieu of a little less damage.

White Lions: Dead and respawn to Warhammer Fantasy: Tabletop 8th edition.

Slayers: Parry, knockdown, ???exploding rune???, dead. Maybe it's the tiny, stubby feet after all. Nerf dwarf waddling.

Bright Wizards: Most of the time, in my personal experience, this has been the easiest class to take down. I like to pop out on them after they've used their cooldowns. Unless your Dogwaffle. He has the most kills on me next to a WL who's name escapes me.

Shadow Warrior: 100-0 health in melee and the healing NPC charges me extra. Ranged SWs are always focusing me while I'm on their healers. The extra spicy ones stance-dance and disarms me. Annoying.

Engineers: Most have been easy to take down in my experience. Stun mines are very annoying. Every once in a while I meet an engi whom erases me completely. Plus they kite away with their tiny, stubby feet.

That's what I've learned so far. I haven't done a deep dive into my opposition yet, that's part of the problem, maybe. I'm hoping this thread will bear fruit and I can learn from it. Thank you for reading!
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Re: Witch Elves: My Experience So Far

Post#2 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 2:08 pm

engi comment hahaha, engi in a nutshell
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