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New player coming back from break, a few opinions...

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New player coming back from break, a few opinions...

Post#1 » Thu May 18, 2017 3:34 pm

Hello! Im very glad to be back in this game again after my long break. You just cant forget WAR after you play it and its fantastic oRvR , can you? One very big downfall i felt as player coming back to this game and starting all over again is the huge exp grind. In t1, there is close to no action even in primetimes and pve being the only way to lvl up consistently feelslike a big downfall for me.

Theres nothing i want more than feel those amazing big fights in huge environment again. I feel like if completely new player joined this game and didnt know how amazing the big fights are outside of t1, they would quit the grind. Even i would do it if i didnt know how amazing its gonna be later on in the game. I think that people should be able to somehow skip or fasten the road to t4 so it doesnt feel like you get to play the actual game after the 2 first weeks.

I still love everything you do and i cant praise you enough for bringing back this amazing game. I just thought that maybe you didnt think of the exp nerf from the new players perspective. Its very important that we also get new people sometimes, since sometimes the old players leave so we need new ones to back the filling slots.

just a friendly suggestion from WAR loving player :)

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Re: New player coming back from break, a few opinions...

Post#2 » Thu May 18, 2017 4:05 pm

Keep in mind that the level of action largely depends on what time you're playing. I think you might be the first person i've heard saying that T1 is dead, are you checking all 3 zones to make sure the action hasn't moved out or Nordland? Also a lot of new T1 folks are shy about opening up a war band, maybe give it a try and see if you can get the ball rolling. Lastly, T1 scenarios typically pop pretty consistently outside of the deadest times of the late night/early morning so if orvr is slow, try queuing up :) I very recently blasted through T1 on a SH in about 3 sittings (2-3hrs each) from JUST doing scs while working on scavenging/tali making and when I hit t2 my renown rank was even with my level so you can see that the scs were definitely popping.

The good news is that T2/3 has been decently busy so you at least have that to look forward to.

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Re: New player coming back from break, a few opinions...

Post#3 » Thu May 18, 2017 5:14 pm

Ive often wondered... Games like TESO - which are a "similar" type game to ROR (large scale RVR battles) created this concept in a release known as "One Tamriel" in which everything was scaled to level. So you could do anything with any character at any time.

I wonder if there is a way to do this with RVR... So rather than "debolstering" you have a system that bolsters lower level players up to max tier to allow any player to play any of the RVR content at any time...

I think with ROR, its harder to do that concept, however I wonder if something like this were feasible?

2 "RVR tiers":
1-11 (tier 1 zones)
12-40 (tier 2-4 zones)

I would break SCs up into:
1-11 (tier 1)

So this addresses a population issue only.. Not the activity of zones. Because this would lead to players only playing the tier 4 zones rather than 2 or 3... Except tier 2/3 is where you get the new currency for the new gear pieces.

I wonder if longer lock timers on zones would fix this. If a zone was locked for say 6 hours or something, could lead to lower tiers being popular.

I think creating a "debolster" system that merely auto-adjusts your stats downward, for lower tiers would work fine too.

So, as an example.

A lvl 15 goes into T4. They are boosted to ~lvl 45 to compensate for lack of mastery etc.
A lvl 40 goes into T3. They are debolstered down to ~25 to compensate for mastery/renown.
Something like this. It wouldnt be perfect, but it would give players access to more content without messing around with the clunky debolster system... It also creates a better population for new players who can play whatever they want....

There are some obvious liabilities that need to be thought through for this to work, but I think they could be addressed... Just a few thoughts on this matter.
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Re: New player coming back from break, a few opinions...

Post#4 » Thu May 18, 2017 5:28 pm

I just came back and I thought T1 seemed pretty active even during NA hours.
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Re: New player coming back from break, a few opinions...

Post#5 » Thu May 18, 2017 6:16 pm

Problem with combining tiers too much and making it too fast to get to T4 is people don't learn the game, the learning curve is too steep and puts people off..

TESO you need to learn like 8 abilities that's it, ROR your talking up to 20 active abilities and then if you have an alt, which if you play more than 1 month you will, double that learning.

Also there is more of a learning curve to how realm war works in ROR its more complex, TESO is very simple and easy to learn.

T4 is currently mostly reasonably experienced players who are coordinating and being actively lead as a set of teams, some more so than others of course.

So a brand new player hitting T4 in less than 40 hours of gameplay(practice and experimenting) and without having some trial runs at ORVR in T2-3 just means they have a really big learning curve when they start playing T4, and end up feeling quite ineffective and not understanding what is going on at all, feels alien.

You need a good T2-3 trial training ground first.

T1 perhaps could do with speeding up mind, learning basic character controls and world movement doesn't take too long in ROR so T1 could be quicker than the existing 8-12 hours gameplay it takes at the moment.

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Re: New player coming back from break, a few opinions...

Post#6 » Fri May 19, 2017 12:57 am

You guys didn't get it, right?

Levelling in a 9 years old game is boring, waste of time for most.
Even the live game had the Gates of Ekrunk quest to level fast(R40 ina day) - if you are a veteran player, you want to get to R40 as fast as possible and you don't need to learn the game...

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