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POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Let's talk about... everything else

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Poll: Which of these would make you want to play more RVR

Remove nerf to PVE farming so you can get in the real action sooner.
Remove nerf to RVR quest gold gain
Increased XP/RR/Influence gain in the lower tiers (RVR/SC)
Genesis drops in RVR (be it at a very low rate, not quite fortune set, but low)
Conq gear drops from kills
More viable gear options (Not more power creep, just more options for dif stat combinations)
more medallion drops
All of the above
Other (comment below)
Total votes: 395

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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#111 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:08 am

I remember a famous DEV talking about "splitting the zerg", his solution=force everyone to play in same zone(what a great idea).

Fights are decided before they even begin, order sees big destro blob > runs away > strugglers get caught by said blob > logout.

Alot of people enjoy smallscale encounters, not mass AoE spam dominated by the last competetive warband on the server(phalanx), and all the failtard leechers hugging their balls(TUP). They have 0, and i really mean 0 competition. Just steamroll all the CNTK/Beaver/Invasion scrubs who can be wiped with a 6man if played properly.

So how to fix your RvR, remove loot rolls completely - as people avoid defending zones for loser rolls. Increase medal drop from player kills to 5, remove this bullshit with 6 min BO timers where order/destro warbands have to stand around waiting for anything to come fight them(just that alone promotes zerging). Is that really what we want?

No focus on the individual, just blob up - cap BOs - get 1 star - bring a ram - oppossing side dont give a **** about the defence. They just want their loser bags.

So, unlock all the god damn zones and allow us to hunt the good fights. Not the 5 second morale drop fights.

And NO, their is no enoyment in that, probably some players/gms will make comments on how epic largescale combat is, and i wonder - do they acctually do RvR? or they just fly around in invicible mode spectating those "epic" fights?

Me and my guild are out until you sort your **** out. Cause i cant stand it anymore.

Peace, and please feel free to warn me again.
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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#112 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:10 am

As others have pointed out, a fragment system would be great.
Like with Ruin. Lock a zone - get a green fragment, lock a pairing - get blue one. 5 greens gives you 1 blue, 5 blues gives you purple. Purple one can be converted to a genesis set piece, 2-3 purples - conq piece, 5-6 purples gives a subjigator. Win a bag - extra fragments.

Gives pushing a campaign some meaning.

Also at least for me ToK>Genesis holds a lot more "weight" than Ruin>Conq. Conq is "oh, nice". And with Genesis you're at total mercy of the RNG.
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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#113 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:25 am

Work your ass off to get a crap roll. Rank 1 to rank 20+ like nothing. Improve rolls for real contributors.

RP rate is too low. Please at least double it.

Better rewards to encourage destro healers. More healers brings more people wanting to do RVR.

Some of the BO timers are stupid long. 10min timers are fail.

Loser roll causes people to ENCOURAGE giving up to get their roll. Players should be giving great rewards for fighting against very overwhelming odds. Strenthen AAO maybe.

Consider champ system for keep defense. Not sure if you remember the realm objects that you could steal to buff the realm. To defend you could talk to an NPC and become a champ.
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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#114 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:45 am

Gerv wrote:I believe the up conversion and alternative ways to RNG / dupes would be helpful as others have pointed out. For example, increasing the number of conquerer medallions given as the reward in the bag, i.e. greater than 5. Players have still put the work in, to get the bag and are reasonably compensated.

To impliment a suedo end game with a drive the developers could consider integrating the previous currency that was awarded for complete lock of all zones as an alternative currency to purchase the existing BIS endgame items: either concourer / subgigator weapons or as a currency to purchase unique appearance items from sets not yet implemented. This would add an incentive to push the campaign, actively defend and attack in RvR zones.

A development like this could be coupled with a Return to War server event, with associated quests to take keeps/kill lords/kill players, visit / capture Battlefield objectives.
This is one of the best suggestions ever. +1!!
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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#115 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:36 am

apologies in advance if this has already been suggested, I lost my glasses so haven't read all 12 pages...

To encourage people to play either sc or orvr, and both. Allow for emblems and medals to be interchangeable at a rate of 5:1 (each way), to make it slightly easier for those who focus on one or another activity the chance to get the gear sets they need. Without enabling a 'much' faster way to grind for either set.
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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#116 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:46 am

Won't it be wierd when everyone does scs to get the orvr set?
A reasonable RvR system that could make the majority happy

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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#117 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:50 am

Darosh wrote:
Adding Subjugator/Conquerer/Genesis to the Imperator/Overlord vendors, and allowing to purchase those items with a set amount of T4 AND T3 seals would promote debolstering and populating lower zones, whilst giving players a chance to circumvent RNGesus and all the other nasty things - additionally, the infrastructure that is already in place could be re-utilized with little-to-no effort, and it'd just tamper with the RNG, not the timesink.
What this guy said would work as-well, but personally I like the ruin system for getting zone lock rewards. Just anything to keep dupes from happening because getting a dupe after 4-8 hours of strait game-play is the most demoralizing thing. :(
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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#118 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:27 am

First of all, I do not think that RoR's RvR mechanic is bad. Actually I like it far more, than any original WAR RvR mechanic, but...
0) Implement faction lockout to avoid xrealmers
1) Allow keeps to be retaken. Once a realm caps it, further fights make no sense at all.
2) Bring back keep take/keep defense rolls, but leave zone roll's too. Make different loot bags for keep attack/defence, and zone lock.
3) The new BO and resource mechanic is fine, but make BO timers predictable, sometimes they just don't make sense now.
4) Imlement Fortresses and Capitals
Thank you for your commitment!
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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#119 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:24 am

How about a shard mechanic to counter dupes:
Gold Bag; either Conq piece or 50 Conq medals or 2 Grind Masters Shards
Purple, either Subju cloak or weapon, or 20 Conq medals or 1 Grind Masters Shard
Blue; Genesis piece, or 10 Conq medals or 1 Grind Masters Shard

With 20 Grind Masters Shard, you can buy Subju cloak or Subju Weapon from capital city
With 10 Grind Masters Shard, you can buy one Genesis piece
With 5 Grind Masters Shard, buy bag of Seal of Exemplar, which includes 20 of them. (the T4 currency that you need 300 of to finish buying one Overlord/Imperator piece...)

on account wide total I'm somewhere near 3 Conq dupes, 9? purple cloaks, maybe closing towards 20 genesis dupes, unless I lost track ages ago.

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Re: POLL - RVR - What would make you play more?

Post#120 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:45 pm

Its rly funny that nearly all that posted here Just play orvr for gear and nothing Else.... Ty for that glorious community!
Hope The ppl that are nit Activ in the Forum dont do it like that
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