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Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

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Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#1 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:44 am

My other post stated a concern regarding endgame pve gear being superior to RvR gear. And the incoming city gear is supped to be better than Bastion. Which already in one day channel /5 dungeon spam has increased greatly due to Bastion. Welcome to Gunbad.

Anyways, as a casual RvRer, I appreciated the fact that one can log in, jump into a zone and RvR constantly and be rewarded by end of the day. My main has been playing since November of last year and just turned RR79. Once I hit 80, then what? Hope that one day a week I can see a fort or once a month a city raid? In two months I only got 50 invader tokens because either I had to log off or wasn't even on. One can only imagine what time it will take for city gear once it goes live. The beauty part of Conq or Vanq gear, is that if one cant see a zone been taken, he or she will log in next time to mailed rewards. Basically a casual RR80 has no progression left now due to time and luck needed to complete those 7 piece sets. Months to a couple years? I seen almost all MMO pvp models in my 20 years of playing MMOs, and the time invested reward system always keeps the casual types in game...especially endgame.

With that being said, casual RvR'ers are now the 'have nots' when it comes to RvR gear because they don't play 24/7? Just like most MMOs. I do not count SCs. They are side shows to a RvR based game.

Again, please upgrade the Genesis set and please do not force players to optimize the 7 RvR piece sets with pve pieces.

Damn I really don't want to leave this game, it has been fun up to the Fort patch.

PS...hardcores please save the pacifying remarks. Why should casuals not have the same and equal opportunities? Or is the epeen selling pee as rain?


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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#2 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:04 am

Listen I am not a fan of the ward system by any means, but you just made the "why cant i have as much for doing less" argument
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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#3 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:14 am

Josewales wrote:
Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:44 am
Why should casuals not have the same and equal opportunities?
Is this question for real? MMORPGs are a time investment, plain and simple. I'm really sorry, but if you don't have the time to invest in the game you shouldn't have the same rewards as the people that do.

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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#4 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:39 am

The content is there, you get to decide if you are going to do it.

Just out of curiosity what are you asking for? Do you want all gear that you dont want to be bothered to get to be nerfed? Or do you want to just be given the best gear for logging on once in a while?

Everyone has their own idea of what they think the game is really supposed to be. But it was never a 1 dimensional game with "side shows".

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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#5 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:50 am

Oh yes, please introduce vendors where you can buy all gear for one gold a piece. No need for actuall time spent getting stuff in MMO game.
Bad people who chose to spent more time playing a game than I did, but I wanna have the same stuff as them.

Not everything should be easy to get as RvR gear. And gap between sets is usually small, you wont lose to someone just because they spend 20 hours extra in dungeons but usually because you are bad at the game.
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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#6 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:19 am

I agree with OP that new reward system is "a bit" unfair , u can fight for hours and get no new gear progression (and i'm not talking about gold rolls): but that's a point that fanboys or, more generally, people that have decided to have big slice of time to throw down this sink cannot understand.

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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#7 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:41 am


thats what i get from that topic... again... again and yet again...
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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#8 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:34 am

Maybe you don't remember, but ORVR bags were tied to capturing a keep, and you know, being in top 2-4 to earn gold bags and with Genesis hidden behind best 4-6 or so to have access to best jewelry form rvr.
Now its nerfed to such extent to appease the pug masses, that showing up is enough, whether win or lose or get even into top 90% of best contributions in zone, you will start gaining lock roll bonuses from just walking through RvR zones.
Bygone are the days when there was real competition to be top kills/heals/tank in zone, to get a chance at gold/purple bags.

While fort design is bad, and has progress locked behind being online at right time (primetime evening forts being rare + but more common outside it seems) - the PVE gear itself is relatively less of a time sink, than say, pugging all the way to Vanq/Oppressor. Even if you by now have realized that showing up often enough gets you gold bags, despite barely trying.

And no, it would be relatively stupid game design to ensure every gear and content in game and their rewards should be available for people who can log 1h per week and then expect to be granted best stuff for showing up.

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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#9 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:41 am

See, I know how it feels when you don't have the possibility to invest time like others and thus will take longer to get certain gear (longer, never impossible though), but as people already stated it's not a problem of the game.

MMOs in general reward those people that put more time and especially more effort (like organising groups, using time more effective) into it and that's the base of them.

My playtime is like 5 days per week for around 2-3 hours max. and the first real set that gives me headaches is Invader, because it's simple luck that during my playtime there is an open fort or at least fort-near fight, plus I have to stay the whole fort or I will get no Invader loot, but if I do it's easy since you always get 4+ Medaillons.
Still, I get like 1 fort per two weeks and City siege will make it worse, so I just don't aim for them, although they are BiS for my class and spec (Rifleman).

Besides that, PvE is a great alternative since you can plan it considering now you can run any Dungeon whenever you are ready, use PvE Discord to find people before (unless you do it in guild anyway), don't need wards to run them, plus it is even more reliable to get the gear than e.g. Vanquisher, if you take the flat time you need for one set, not to talk about Scenarios.

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Re: Casual RvRers vs. Fort/Dungeon/City

Post#10 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:44 am

so I see that this game will be only elite, no-life, 24/7 grind game
no place for casula gamers who want jump into fight
I wonder how many elite stay on rvr if game goes in this direction
good luck with this
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