PVE: Tips on tanking Bastion Stairs?

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Re: PVE: Tips on tanking Bastion Stairs?

Post#11 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:59 pm

AS others have said toughness wont really help much in pve , you should focus on avoidance and mitigation. o chance to be crit, block and parry as high as you get get ,

dont be afraid to mix sets to obtain what you are after , you also need high armor perferble between 4500 and 5k and atleast 9k wounds unbuffed but more is better .

same goes for others in your group , healers, casters etc mix sets to get high wounds, while maintaining semi decent damage etc. I see people trying to do BS with 6k wounds while doubale youre better off even as a caster being 8k , my bw runs around 8300 and wp run over 8700 buffed when in BS , im sure others run more than i do.

Good luck !
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Re: PVE: Tips on tanking Bastion Stairs?

Post#12 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:32 pm

I guess if you have a premade (that's fairly new and average mechanically) try to convince them to build a lot of HP too. Better that you can guard in time or run into Bloodpulse in time on last boss right wing (which destroys pugs and hard headed idiots who don't understand the importance of high hp).

I've had runs where people gave up because the healers die in 2 seconds vs. Slaurith. I already proved that even healers (Even Shaman which is robe and low armor) can tank Slaurith and live for more than 2 seconds on the BS tactics thread.

Legit just hard throwing the boss fight when you build 6k HP for BS, don't be that guy seriously.

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