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Scenarios (in)balance

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Re: Scenarios (in)balance

Post#21 » Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:32 pm

Sulorie wrote:
Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:19 am
This doesn't fit to my experience last evening-night. 1-2 order premades in every sc, often the same premade and almost only pugs on destro side. We had only some rare wins, when a destro premade joined but most sc were defeats.

I know exactly, why destro lost most sc, so there is no reason to complain about it. Never blame the enemy, when your side has bad (random) setups or just plays bad.

I was playing at different time I think, not evening- night, but afternoon - evening EU timezone, but yes - I am sure expereince can differ - so statistic data is probable only option to check if I am right or wrong.

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Re: Scenarios (in)balance

Post#22 » Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:04 pm

Order lose most of time for lacking of tanks, sometimes healers. I know i'm going to lose when i see too many useless dps archmages and squishy swordmasters :mrgreen:

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Re: Scenarios (in)balance

Post#23 » Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:45 pm

dansari wrote:
Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:57 am
:roll: this again..
- destro has more aesthetically pleasing tanks, which leads to
- destro has a better pug frontline, which leads to
- destro pugs have a higher ttk

- more order pugs need to be playing tanks, which would lead to
- more pug order being comfortable playing melee dps, which would lead to
- better order frontline

It really is that simple. Or you could just make a group
Yet that has never once happened, and it is only this game that has this issue

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