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Knight play style and stats

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Knight play style and stats

Post#1 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:39 am

Just as it says. I know a good group play style for the night, but I mostly run around solo/duo. I use SnB and pretty much turtle. Run runefang, heal aura tactic, coordination, and rugged. Change out coordination sometimes for others. I run heal aura, tough aura, and rotate third from resist to thorn shield aura. Full invader. Find it works well for solo/duo play.

I have 10k armor, 880 toughness, and like 4800 armor. What are some numbers I should be looking for? Armor to low? Toughness to low? Etc. resist are 800, and chance to be crit is 0, block and party sit at 25ish without runefang and shield rush/coordination procs, run vigilance also.

Any other good solo SnB knights wanna share their spec?

Mainly solo q and like to hold points if it’s a cluster **** of a group, can typically survive 3-4 players beating on me with pots/healpots/heal procs


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