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New players, vanq and warlord/sov

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New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#1 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 12:30 am

The gear gap is getting rather large now the war/sov has been introduced and people are completing the set. A new player (or an alt toon) is going to hit 40 with annihilator/ruin and...... Yeah, they will get destroyed by 8 piece sov people, or even sov/invader mix.

Vanq currently costs 1101 medal's to buy, good or bad rolls can heavily influence that, you could spend anywhere from 0 to 750 (and it takes quite a while to get 750) to get full vanq set, but at this point it's pretty much the required introductory set given the power difference. Problem is it takes weeks if you get good rolls or months if you get bad rolls to get it. Half the people in my guild have invader before they have vanq.

Are there any plans to make vanq easier to get? Turn in duplicates pieces like subjugator? Please don't tell me it's guild medallions, having genesis set as a turn in is useless, 15 for one piece.... That's... high..... especially given that they show up in gold/purple and blue bags now.

Even if it was possible to sell vanq pieces for tokens, and it took 2/3 tokens to buy a piece you didn't have, that would be preferable since it would remove some of the rng for getting the vanq set.
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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#2 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:34 am

Sov/warlord is not going to be the BIS for all classes, some even arguing potentially onslaught is still better choice for bw/sorcs for warband play. log a zone, fight in it, contribute, you will get gear eventually, its not like old system where you could fail on rolls for bags on almost every zone lock, law of average is heavily in your favour now with the new bag roll system. if you don't have time to grind vanq i donno what to tell you, i think your dilemma can easily be solved with more time spent, if your not willing to do that well, i guess there is your answer my friend.
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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#3 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:18 pm

It's a matter of how much time you spend being a free kill because you are so poorly geared.

Invader is easier to get than vanquisher. My last two toons have had full invader (which is not a fast process depending on what times you play) before vanq and that's hitting level 40 with RR50+ so I skip conquer completely. That was entirely because of many duplicate items in vanq.

It was always torture being a fresh 40 since you are about as weak as it gets, but with power level's increasing, it's only going to get worse. Who's going to play this game as a new player if they get to 40 and immediately get obliterated?

10-15 gold bags to get the full set is not uncommon in my experience. At a gold bag per what, 8 or so zone locks, that's 80 to 120 zone locks?

Explain to me how more time spent will speed that up?

Even putting two different pieces of vanq in one gold bag would make a huge difference.
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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#4 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:48 pm

I'm an alt player, and the gear gap will always be an issue for us alt-aholics. I play every day more or less, and I have no toons in full invader. Never won a gold bag in forts, but that's life.

You need a dedicated group of 6-8 players, and you need to focus on one toon to make reasonable progress. However it's not so terrible as to be unplayable for certain specs. Ruin for example has 7% block and armor set bonus. Beastlord while useless for healers is a decent dps set.(I think)

There are myriad armor sets, there's bound to be one that suits you.(get it?)
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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#5 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 10:54 pm

I think that an investment is important, and you should be rewarded for putting time in. As someone stated, invader is an easier set to get than vanq, I think it might not be a bad idea to reduce the cost of vanq or up invader to vanq conversion rates. That’s really the only set though. Conq is super easy to get because 1 invader is = 25 conq medallions. So one fort = 100-150 conq. Part of the motivation to play is to be that person on bis gear stomping newbies. Making gear not matter as much is a bad idea, look at retail wow.

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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#6 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 10:59 pm

Trade down to conqueror- set is still good for lot of classes (healers for example), and easy to get at rr50+.

Do pve- unlike rvr bags, kill quests make it a reliable way to get armor.

Mix sets up- a good mix with lower sets will still put you close enough to higher full sets.
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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#7 » Fri Feb 28, 2020 7:48 am

Vanquisher pieces also drops in gold bags from keeps when RR50+. Personally I got Vanquisher before I got Conqueror (the set below) and Invader (the set above) because of this as I outlevelled the Conqueror tier pretty quickly.

Your chance of getting a gold bag in a keep (not fort) is not based on any other players but simply your own contribution against a fixed average (plus a random roll). If you fail to get a gold bag then you get a bonus for the next roll. The easiest way of gearing up is to just make sure you participate in keep locks and the game will reward you with a steady stream of gold bags. It doesn't matter if there are 300 people also rolling for normal keeps as you are not competing for a limited pool of bags like you are in PQs or forts. This will get you your conqueror and vanquisher gear much sooner than just relying on farming tokens.

Yes until you get that gear there is a gap, but then you can also choose to try and farm some of the PvE sets instead (Redeye set from Gunbad, Sentinel set from BB/BE) which don't require top tier gear to complete. Bastion Stairs can be hard for some classes without good gear (tanks in particular). In terms of power level, Invader is similar to Blood Lord, Vanquisher is similar to Sentinel, Conqueror is similar to Redeye. It's not a perfect match but it should give you some pointers on where to go for gear.

Finally yes eventually RR78+ in full Sov will be a thing but it will be a thing on both sides. Keeps are generate won and lost by outnumbering your opponent so when you are lower gear just play a bit more cautiously and stay in a warband (pugs will do!) and you'll start gearing up.
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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#8 » Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:16 am

From my point of view the power gap is not the problem because devs made a good job not letting go into a huge gap (still you can compete against them with mediocre gear) also its an mmo we want the guy with the better gear has an advantage.
The problem is that vanq is harder to get than invader ,i am on my 3rd toon that goes full invader and have max 2-3 pieces of vanq something doesn t work correct i think .
With my last toon i had 6 bags with belt inside and i gave up entirely chasing vanq 😂
All the solutions you proposed seems legit though and i agree .

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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#9 » Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:50 am

You guys seem to play at times with daily fort raids, because at times with high server pop it is less likely, that a fort atk happens. On the other hand, getting Vanq was no hassle for me. Apparently it is easier for different ppl with different play times to get a certain item set.


On a different note, being new in t4 can be rough but out of experience I can say, that blaming gear gaps for being killed is a big mistake. The gear won't protect you, when you don't know how and when to disengage or when to push and prioritize certain targets. How to position correctly to avoid getting overwhelmed and read the battle, to make predictions, which side is stronger, in order to prepare yourself.
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Re: New players, vanq and warlord/sov

Post#10 » Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:22 am

I think there are two separate issues being discussed here in the thread:
1. Does disparity of gear make it too hard for new-40s to play in RVR?
2. Are the current costs for gear reasonable considering the new upper end gear sets added?

Won't touch the first question. Others have.

As far as the second question, rather than dropping the price of vanq, it would make sense to have conq convert to vanq at a 5:1 ratio as with lower tier medals. This would make vanq a little easier to obtain for the mid-RR tiers.
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