South Louisiana Folksong ~ The Big Rock Thunder Mountain

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South Louisiana Folksong ~ The Big Rock Thunder Mountain

Post#1 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:56 am

In the Style of ![The Big Rock Mountain] (

One day I was headin off to War
when a man ran straight at me,
He had Orange flames upside his head
and sparks flew from 'tween his teeth.

so I asked him what the trouble was,
he said that Order needed me.
He claimed that Destro was marchin,
Three Warbands he could see.

Then the fella started a' shoutin
to everyone around,
Get y'all asses to the Mountain!
****'s about to go down!

That's about the time I asked him
how many friendly were inbound
the bright Wizard claimed that Order
had two warbands with Healers abound.

Then one drunken Slayer
chugged the rest of his Pint glass
and said I hope they brought homies
cuz I feel like kicking some ass

the Wizard reassured him
that homies they did have
he said they have three warbands
and they look **** Mad!


Oh, the Big Rock Thunder Mountain
is a Battle stricken hill,
Where fighters come to farm Renown
and hopefully get some kills.

The Big Rock Thunder Mountain
is a Chaos wonderland:
Why there's Orcs and Squiqs and
Elves with big tits,
AFK players that need to be kicked,
Bitches in the keep still hiding like sheep,
mages on the wall
Trying to break our balls,
on the Big Rock Thunder Mountain.

[Instrumental/ Whistling Break]

On the Big Rock Thunder Mountain,
there's action everywhere
the campers all are plottin
to catch you unaware

they hide out by the main road
Cowards one and all
they cut off your Reinforcements
just a'tryin to take it all

You'd better take evasive action
if you wanna reach that keep
and if you use the postern door
Then make sure no one sees

Oh, the Big Rock Thunder Mountain
is a symphony of Pain
there's always someone there to kill
and renown to be gained,
where you can always run supplies
if your combat skills are lame
Where every one is a'trying
Just to play this badass game.

Why, there's Orcs and Gits
Elven tits
piles of dead Squiqs
AFK bitches that need to be kicked,
where you can run and slay
in the sun all day
when the Order come to play
On the Big Rock Thunder Mountain.

[Whistling Outro]

{If you got more, I'd love to hear some RoR Folksongs...}


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