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Good classes for pvp

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Re: Good classes for pvp

Post#21 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:42 pm

Can't go wrong with sorc/BW

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Re: Good classes for pvp

Post#22 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:41 am

Ok, so a lot of people here are recommending playing whatever class you like the look and essence off and that is completely fine - you just have to be conscious of what you want to achieve in RoR. Is the end game for you casual 40s play of zerging around in populous zones, sometimes doing a fort or two or small-cale/scenarios? Or is you endgame to get to an organized group that does cities all the time and has a chance of winning them.

Because if it's the first, you can do whatever you like. If it's the second, you either gotta coordinate with your guild/alliance if what you're planning to play fits into what their running, roll meta class or be prepared for the pain of not being invited into the WBs. I saw way to many of my guildies start a new character or join us with a char on low lvl that was very off-meta or way too numerous and then get frustrated when our groups don't invite them.

Tanks are always needed, even though IB can have it a bit rough from time to time. Healers you preferably want WPs and RPs, but there are some spots for AMs as they have their utility (insta reses, etc). From melee dps you want a ton of slayers and WLs and or at least a not a whole lot of WHs or aSWs. From ranged you want BWs and a ballsy engineer with magnet.

There a metric tons of BWs, Engineers, SWs and WHs in general on the Order side and there are hardly ever enough tanks or good mdps.
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Re: Good classes for pvp

Post#23 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:29 am

You should really try for your self. Sometimes it also changes what's fun to you. You mostly will have several charsvat the end. First time I liked to heal, then ae dmg, than tanking and hold the front and now I love to solo and stealth around. Everyhing has its unique feelings and is fun. At the end every class I've played was fun. Except Bright Wizard...he was a bit to overperforming that became boring very quickly...strange.
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