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Contribution in Fort and Invader to Souv. Gear

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Contribution in Fort and Invader to Souv. Gear

Post#1 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:28 am

Hey guys,
first of all thx for the great work and keep on rolling for new content and new iedeas etc....

I would like to say that is for me pretty hard to understand that i did about 32. times fort and my highest roll on a bag was the 35. place so far and that makes me think about the contribution system in fort.
Why not do it like in the opne RvR ?
So u can stack up some Contribution for a gold bag in Fort ?

A nother thing is the conversion from Royal to Imvader:

I mean i can undterstand it in some kind way that u guys dont want people to skip the fort content.
For my self i see no reason to log in my main before it gets to ending zone and into a fort.
It is a bit frustrating to be honest that i can not progress in some other way. (like invader tokens drops from killing player or haveing the choice to take invader tokens from gold bag from locking a zone)
I know that this would mean that the Invader set would cost much more if the tokens could be droppt by killing players. I wouldnt mind that....
So i skipp the open RvR content till it gets to a fort.....(People skip content in some kind a way anyway cause they cant porgress)

U need to have full Invader to wear Souv. Ok so far.
Why not stack it up with PVE content ?

I mean the most powerfull weapons so for u get in PVE content (for most classes) is from PVE
So why not make it like that: u need to have full Bloodlord and than u can wear Souv as well ?
I know: PVE is PVE and PVP is PVP
But as i was saying: Most powefull weapon (for most classes) is a PVE grind.
I see there no reason why not give Peoople the Choice to have two ways for getting there way to Souv. (to unlock Souv.)

So people would also run more PVE and do not skip that Content as well.

Thx and see u all :)
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Re: Contribution in Fort

Post#2 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:52 am

Some class are just better at contrib farming, my Magus and mSH are always near top contrib. My Mara that just dies a lot, not so much!

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Re: Contribution in Fort and Invader to Souv. Gear

Post#3 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:34 am

Invader ward OR Bloodlord ward is a nice idea.
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Re: Contribution in Fort and Invader to Souv. Gear

Post#4 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:50 am

M0rw47h wrote:
Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:34 am
Invader ward OR Bloodlord ward is a nice idea.

I think so too and i hope it gets some attention.
Im not her for crying about the system but i think there are some good ways or some good ideas out there, to let people porgress there way to souv without waiting for an fort and than logging on to there main to grind 4 invader......
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Re: Contribution in Fort and Invader to Souv. Gear

Post#5 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:01 pm

We have 5 kinds of Players

PVE lovers
PVP lovers
SC lovers
RP lovers
mix of them all lovers

Hardcore PVP Players mostly dislike PVE. And Hardcore SC Players mostly dislike PVP mass Zerg. The Zerg is getting bigger and bigger, since we have so much new Players.
And they ALL gonna rush to them Forts, as soon as they hit lv 40.

We have so many old Players, that are above rr70 since years. Some of them play Classes, that wont benefit from Invader at all. So naturaly they never put much effort into getting full
Invader Grear.
But now they are forced to. Like on Live when everyone suddenly had to get them Wards from the PVP/PVE Gear to survive the smales AOE fart of the Enemy King in the City siege.
Hardcore SC Players were left out of City stage 3 back then so long, untill the old Staff came up with the Allround solution, that made everyone happy and able to take part in that ''Endgame'' Content.

From then on it was possible to get the Wards by more then one way.
You could get them by clearing the PVE Instances(PVE Boss Gear drop from Lost Vale)
Optaining the Gear from City stage 1
Optaining the SC Gear by Emblems

So the Idea of taking every Player and his efforts in the game serius, and enabling them to enjoy All Content would mean to think about which classes got an Ivader Set, that does not gave them any benefit.
They did not skipped it because they don't like Forts. They skipped it like a full Healer Class with no desire to do Dmg would have skipped a DPS Set.

We have a Ward System that makes us go to
GB at least 3 Times 3 Wings.
C&T at least 4 Times 3 Instance + a felt 100 Times for Jewel
BS at least 4 Times 4 Wings + a felt 50 Times for Cape

Why not make Full Bloodlord, Opressor and maybe Onslaught too, the same Ward as Invasor. All 4 Sets makes the Players to form Groups and work together to win.

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