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64x MacOs Catalina, crossover mac and lets play RoR

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64x MacOs Catalina, crossover mac and lets play RoR

Post#1 » Sun May 31, 2020 6:21 pm


So hello. I ve been trying to play War RoR for a while now and I couldnt just windows it out so for all you out there with a catalina os imac 2017 or better and owner of crossover mac 19 ( until the wine 32to64 launches free or implemented to PlayOnMac ) You are in luck for i got it to work ... some kinks while it runs but here it is.

So make a 7win x64 bottle In crossover mac and install non applications -- [ framework 4 ]Dontnet 4 ( its important to be done first) and direct 9 ( for modern games lol :D) into your war bottle.

Download the file[directory] through torrent per official instructions AND once you have it download and your torrent client closed , change the permissions of the folder and sub folders to read write for your user through finder. Then chown -Rv USERNAME destinationOFfolder once successful open your "c drive" of your crossover bottle and copy paste the folder where you want it to be [ Chown is used to pass the files "ownership" to you ]

Lastly run the RoRLauncher.exe and login to the launcher and wait till it updates and launch ...


The launcher flickers. ( could be because i havent added core fonts will check on that later) minor problem but annoying

Once in the character creation remove the shader optimization from your video settings and set the graphics to medium/high but not shinny. Adjust the performance to match your imac's fps.

Last kink , changing character , f10 to desktop etc crashes the client.... and that's all have fun I hope this helped you.

INB4 : Yes I know of bootcamp and yes i could have played on a PC because pc-masterrace well TY I ll think about that : lots of love.


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