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City Winner History?

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#511 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:24 am

The argument that orders are just badies is astonishing. Keep believing that while destroes keep having less and less cities instances cos noone from other side will bother.
If everything was normal and equal u wouldnt see all of these whole guilds swaping to destro.
There is no smoke without fire, orders city win rate is just symptom and if the reason is that orders is utterly worthless and generally bad players there is some reason behind that. Find that, fix it, and u will have more equal game
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Re: City Winner History?

Post#512 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:45 am

Guilds suffered for a long time on order, you see more stable guilds on destro than order.
It has nothing to do with skills or anything , people seems to not be that interested on organised guild on order compared to destro so if anyone wants to build something good atm on warhammer has more chances on destro and that lure even more people there.

It happend to other games and still happens once side gets a little more organised and people slowly switch over to that factions to make their life easier

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#513 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:25 am

I'm not going to talk about class balance, I think Order main problem was and still is that they can just pug in a city at any time and get a pop.
This is main issue why order order can have it lacks attitude. Its always been like that and it still continues.
But Destro ppl NEED to organaize and qq from the start, or else they just miss the city and need is always stronger than wish.
Time pass on and Destro have more experience in organaizing and better gear due to better win rate.
And now there is litteraly 0 point for order try to organaize NEW city groups becouse they will face better geared and coordinated enemys resulting in a loss. So what is a point of grouping up, using more energy and nerves while you can just pug up, be half afk and get same rewards.
While old premades geting tired of bad results and either switching sides or just leaveing.

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#514 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:13 pm

Ive played over 12 years DAOC and several other PvP related games. Even WH-O at release during the live-time. I had much fun with my Chosen back then, I had my 6 men team and the sets of the 2 big instances.

This time i started as Order. Im here since 4.7/5.7.2020 and saw many things. Order has problems in playing together, you find WB and even GRP members spreaded out from far left to far right in 1 rvr zone or/and are simply blind.

The other side is, destro classes have clear advantages over their "mirrors". I did my 1st city in an organized grp and we managed to get 3 kills while destro had around 280. Then we did some scenarios and the result was the same, even our sov. kotbs was barely healable while their sorc dished out over 1 million damage. Zealots also heals more than RP, ive seen this also in low tier when a Lv16 zeal healed 300k while 30++ Rp´s had around 150k. Play an Order healer feels like throwing an ice cube into fire.

From main destros i hear all the time "Order players are just unorganzied and bad players"...but some of them switch to Destro and start winning. So, have they transformed, from unorganized and bad instantly to organized and uber-pro players?

In O-RvR zones you will find 50-100% more Destros than Order. Atm the Order-Destro faction ratio is 42-58, yesterday it dropped to 25-75%.
The "Balance" (I mean pop and gear) is crystal clear towards Destro and they still asking for more love to their chars, like on Facebook and ranged squig...

Only 2-3 members login every day in my guild, the rest switched to destro or quitted. In the end, you have to take what you get, even for citys while destro can easy pick what they want from their vast player pool.

RoR is in a very unhealthy state atm, thats my oppinion during this month of playing it each day.

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#515 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:30 pm

If order dont have a wl then its just so much easier on destro as a healer. Order lack mobility. Destro have mobility and pulls coming out their ass.

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#516 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:49 pm

I think the only thing Zealot has over RP is a morale boost tactic which means they can get morale really quickly, but most other things are mirrored. BW and Sorc are probably pretty even, in Cities BW might even be better.

The main differences are Order has nothing like the MSH, watching Zarbix the other day on his SH he can do insane AOE damage and CC against large groups, which is perfect in cities. Also with the MSH being so good it means more melee and less ranged for destro being the culmative effect, which suits the melee train tactic they all employ.

Destro has one more Pull and one more cooldown increaser (BO) in a situation where group heals are key that makes a big difference. Destro has far more accessible aoe knockdown. Also melee DOK is much better than melee WP. In city Shaman is better than AM. Some of these are small but they all add up.

Its not all about Order being organised because I played in a guild warband many times and we were on discord, assisting etc, but lost because we are a new guild and only a few have Sov pieces, most are undergeared and 2-3 times we came across warband of Destro city loggers who are almost all in full Sov, none of whom had been in the rvr lakes previously they just log for City, while the lower geared destro who did the hard work in the lakes are often locked outside.

There should be something in place to stop City loggers, or ensure that those who do the work of flipping zones have more chance of city instance.

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#517 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:05 pm

People need to stop calling every pug order warband organised, joining a few other random people on disc doesnt mean they are organised , the few times i tried to get into an organised wb alone cause guild wasnt online or early morning there werent even close to be called semi-organised counting down from 3to 1 and charge is is not organised.

Have you even thought that maybe that zealot was a better player? they have a better setup that helped him pull better healing numbers? you think a healer in a group without tanks or dps with brain can even keep them alive to get numbers?? healing numbers on scenarions and even on city means nothing 9 out 10 times cause its a stomp.
Faction balance changes non stop all the time and during cities favors destro always.

About squigs/sw people asking for buffs cause those classes are supposed to be ranged and everyone has to go melee if he wants to perform decent.

Also i bet all my gold that if devs give out full sov to every order players and queue them against an average destro city warband the score will be the same.
We already have enough sov players without basic knowledge of how to fight cause in this game you get gear by just been a follower or leecher on warbands.

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#518 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:09 pm

order is mostly fine. after the morale nerf a lot of these one trick ponies started to have a hard time. if you go into it with a /5 shitter warband or 12 man, do you really expect to win?maybe that is your problem. ive been playing destro and just joining whoever has a 2/2/2 and i lose just as much as i win if not more. there are just as many bad destro, you might not beat them with a 5 engineer group however.

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Re: City Winner History?

Post#519 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:02 pm

lyncher12 wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:09 pm
order is mostly fine. after the morale nerf a lot of these one trick ponies started to have a hard time. if you go into it with a /5 shitter warband or 12 man, do you really expect to win?maybe that is your problem. ive been playing destro and just joining whoever has a 2/2/2 and i lose just as much as i win if not more. there are just as many bad destro, you might not beat them with a 5 engineer group however.
Maybe in rvr but not in the the City. Stack 4 maras with anything and you will counter 50% of order setups based on Bws and 90% of physical dd (+ 2h des tanks + GTDC + windblock etc). Next time if you gonna complain that order have to much rdpses try rethink if there is any other viable choice. I hope (if order survive city period) next content will favour order in the same way like city favour destro ..But no i dont think devs would upset des players so much. Who cares about order players mood we are meat shields nothing more.
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Re: City Winner History?

Post#520 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:23 pm

Favor order like how , make the game 12man based or only make available solo queue?
Maras can be counter by order , people are easy to make conclusions without putting effort to see if there a way to beat that maras but you think rdps is the counter to destro meleeball? Thats why maybe order are losing if they think like you

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