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Renown Gain and Growth

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Renown Gain and Growth

Post#1 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:04 pm

Many may not agree with this, and i understand some have their reasons, But i feel, That the Renown gain is very low and hard for new players to gain more, forcing them to "No life" to gain better gear once they approach lv 40. I feel something like a Renown gain a large renown gain once a player reach 40 will allow them to enjoy the game more and have them join their friends and fellow players, Both Order and Destruction. If new people see this, it may scare them away, to download the game already makes people step away from the game, But some get over it, I think if there is a way to gain more renown without forcing them to do it while they are seeking to quest mainly, if they can't get the best gear like others cause they are forced to get to 55 to 90 Renown knowing the months it takes to even get there, Some people have lives, and don't have time to go daily to get the best, Now i know how many may feel about this post. "I had to do the grind, Why don't you." It has nothing to do with me or you, it has to do with the idea of bettering the growth of RoR a whole, More players, More content, More content, More large scale wars and the ROR will get even more popular, Remember, in this year of 2020 coming close to 2021, Warhammer in it self is getting more and more eyes on it, This is a chance to bring something great, and not many take the time to see this, or even think on it, I hope those of my fellow community players of RoR, Staff teams and developers take notice to this post, I am not going to get my hopes up, I expect something negatives reactions, But i hope many just stops and at least think of the great possibility.

The idea to the renown gain is to make it to where once you hit lv 40, a buff of some kind makes it to where you gain way more Renown allowing all the work you put forward to be worth every effort.
To balance all of this, adding a prestige system, making more new content, rewards and making players even should i say addicted to the game and what it offers, knowing how coding works, it will take a large amount of time to work on such a thing, but it would offer so much to the players.

I hope everyone is safe during the hard times of 2020, May Sigmar and the Dark gods watch your step.

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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#2 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:54 pm


I understand and indeed not everyone can spend a lot of time on playing a lot and "farm" gears to get to renown 80 in order to compete.
I believe the renown and XP gains are fine as it at the moment. You really would have been astonished how slow it was to gain renown in the official Age of Reckoning. Actually, this is why at some point Relic introduced AAO.
You have to consider that you have week-end event XP and RP bonuses and the gain of RP in low rank is really really going fast as long as you do PVP (RVR and SC). Bear in mind that this is not a PVE game. Then it is a game pushing you to group, either in small scale to Warband. The more you are in your party, the faster you will accumulate XP and renown. I remember the time (in vanilla) when a solo healer could degroup in Scenarios and make significantly more XP and Renown than others, even on a loss. Now if you degroup, there is nothing for you. Same there is no potions for faster 25% renown.

The best for you, if you haven't found it is to find a guild and play with your mate.

Now the problem with gear difference and stuff, this is another issue of game design. I believe there are many ways of addressing this. The poor choice is to increase RP or XP gain.
One of the things I have suggested, for example, is to have levels in each armor sets and weapons, so that you could have someone staying in an armor set and reach the maximum level of the armor set sooner than level 80. The end game would be around getting armor sets and weapons set that would give different bonuses so that none of them would be obsolete. This is just a game design example.

Initially Mythic created RVR area per level bracket, but this only works when you have A LOT of players playing the game and rerolling frequently.

Cheers, Swizz
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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#3 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:42 pm

renown gain is one of the few things on this server that is "quick"

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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#4 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:09 pm

You should've played 2017/18, pretty sure you would have enjoyed that OP.
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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#5 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:10 pm

I was playing very casually and got rr76 in 10 days of gameplay (= 240 hours). If you do the weekly warfronts you will be a lot faster though.

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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#6 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:12 pm

Considering that you can perform perfectly fine in conq gear against almost anyone barring the full sov premades, renown gain is absolutely fine. Possibly even a little too quick.

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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#7 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:02 am

Sorry op but just can’t recognise the issue having levelled up some chars recently. By doing nothing other than Zerg surfing u can end up at high 50s even 60 or more by the time u hit 40 main level. Usually your renown far outstrips the gear you can afford (the real issue imo) and honestly the process to 80 is quite fast especially to the monster grind to 90 u may choose to under take afterwards.

Just can’t see the problem personally.

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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#8 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:46 pm

This is why it really is so important to play a class/classes you actually like. Don't focus on renown per se, focus on doing your job well and enjoying it. The renown will flow in then. Simple.
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Re: Renown Gain and Growth

Post#9 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 9:17 pm

I got to 70 with great gear and gold within 190 hrs... and by not maximizing my game time on my first character

I think the leveling is fine.

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