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Are destro a joke in T1 SC?

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Re: Are destro a joke in T1 SC?

Post#11 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:33 pm

I've only levelled my black orc to level 12 but what I've noticed is in scenarios destro are either outnumbered or outlevelled. And even when it's equal we just lack the right amount of healers. Kinda making me want to re roll a shaman. Still having a blast regardless though

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Re: Are destro a joke in T1 SC?

Post#12 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:40 am

Time of day matters too.

Very late night NA Destro is pure garbage in all tiers. I suspect this is peak Oceanic?

Eitherway, do not play Destro during this time and expect to win at anything. You can easily go winless for weeks and Im not kidding here.

NA/EU peak times have better balance in my experience.
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Re: Are destro a joke in T1 SC?

Post#13 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:57 am

This server does not have enough population to shuffle around players, so when you are playing t1 scenarios you are kind of with the same wave of people.

When the stars align and many orders roll healers at the same time (as is the case now), order will dominate. When the same happens for destro, destro will dominate. It takes roughly about two weeks to fully flush the population into t2-t3.

It was exactly the opposite about a month ago, destro had a huge wave of healers and it was depressing to be order. Nothing special. Oh and it especially matters that when one faction starts to dominate, the other starts slacking off due to the nature of the game in which if you win, you utterly dominate your enemy, so even if healer numbers become balanced out, momentum will likely carry the one that was winning before.

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