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A newbie's opinion of RoR

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A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#1 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 5:55 pm

So to start off with I'm a newbie as per the title - though I had hundreds of hours in back live.

12 years is a LONG time and when I heard RoR was bringing back AoR - and I hadn't heard much of it (because its still considered an alpha?). A month ago I downloaded the client and was excited to relive one of, if not the best, PVP MMO that ever existed.

I started off with a Chosen because I'd mained a Chosen and Zealot (whatever was needed) back on live and read that tanks were always in demand. The leveling experience of RoR is a little bumpy, but amazing and I was actually in awe of how active and populated even a bracket like T1 was. The scenarios (playing on a scenario weekend - which is a great way for new players or anyone coming back to start) and especially ORVR during that point reminded me of the absolute best times during live and from the few alts I played around with its always consistently fun.

The rest of the leveling experience went well enough once I got out of T1 - both factions during this month (September) seemed to go back and forth though I only saw Destro go to Altdorf twice while Order seems to go to IC a couple of times a week if not more.

Once I hit 40 (RR50) though - the fun and excitement and nearly everything that I could see as a positive to the game hit a brick wall. I joined a guild during leveling, but at 40 for 6 consecutive days I was the only person on and played solo or with random warbands. The past two weeks I've had nothing but non-organized warbands getting just hammered and even organized ones were getting overrun by Order players and it reminded me why AoR died in the first place. Not being able to kill anything nor getting any renown because one side outnumbers the other by a factor of 4:1 doesn't seem right.

There were other points of frustration where for example I ran supplies in order to upgrade a keep to 2 stars and waiting in an objective with a high rank player (in Sovereign gear). I'm clearly a lower level and could use the RR and told him so, and didn't get a response, he picked up the supplies and ran with them anyway.

But instead of going from zone to zone in frustration, I created an Order alt. And the difference is night and day.

From a new player's perspective, it looks as if Order is WAY more polished in terms of the state of the game than Destruction. I'll use this small example: When you zone into Altdorf at level 1/2/3/4 you see quest markers everywhere. Its not only quests, early cash, but also a way to reintroduce someone to a capital city after so many years. It was fun to walk around in Altdorf seeing it all and occasionally getting killed by a barrel Skaven.

The Inevitable City couldn't be any more different. I first zoned in around level 8 or so, and the first thing that hit me was how empty it was. Not in terms of players, but things to do. There are no quests, nothing to send you to this area and that. But I learned at 40 that these low level quests suddenly unlock for some reason.

I realize that RoR has been around for a few years now but this seems like a huge oversight where one faction is much more polished in presentation and the 'feel' of the game back when it was on live and the other seems like a work in progress.

As far as ORVR, Order players are way more friendly and helpful, and most importantly, organized. Even random WB leaders knew and talked with each other.

I ran supplies and asked the same question - 'Do you mind if I run this for RR?' to some high rank players in a WB - and they said 'Of course go for it'.

In short, while this came across as overly negative I still think RoR is an amazing project overall. It just feels, to a completely fresh set of eyes, that while its a private server, on one faction it 'feels' like a community and on the other, a private server where the players really don't care nor are invested in welcoming new players to the server.

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Re: A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#2 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:41 pm

I noticed the unlocking of quests in inveitable city too, suddenly you are level 40 and you get a ton of beginner quests in the city, in altdorf you get quests right from the beginning.

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Re: A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#3 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 7:26 pm

I never do quests in the City so don't mind about that, but questing is much slicker in the Empire zones than the other 2. But the thing I noticed between the factions is the economy and auction house is much better on Order, I'm selling things every day but nothing on Destro.

In rvr you will get dicks on both sides I'm sure (most players cross realm anyway) , Order has got much better with coordination and organisation recently. A few months ago it was a different story.

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Re: A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#4 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:20 am

It feels like we are lacking pug leaders on Destro atm. We are also frequently outnumbered and Order is doing a really good job (if very frustrating) of moving as a blob and leaving no chance for small scale. Order organized groups are currently slamming through zones, forts and cities so the gearing process probably feels much more rewarding on that faction at this point in time.

Can't blame anyone for not leading, it's a thankless and hard job and I have a lot of respect for people who take from their game time to try and organize a bunch of player who suddenly all have their own winning strategies...

The community is what makes the game experience, found a good guild on Destro side myself and am having fun. If that guild was playing Order, I would be playing Order. Eh.
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Re: A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#5 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:44 am

Its been one sided most of the time for Order for last few months but before that it was a Destro zerg for 6+ months and Order was farmed just like Destro is now. It will most likely switch back in the next few months. I think majority of people play both sides as it is not like live with a lock to one side its just like an hour or so lock out to switch sides. My advice is to make an Order character even if u plan to main on Destro so you can do easy zerg mode for those times when it gets depressing being so outnumbered.
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Re: A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#6 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:54 am

I play Order only and I note that Order quality in ROR is way better than on live.

Speaking of dicks and pricks - the biggest one I saw on our side took our ram during a siege and ran into Destro. Why? He did not like no one listened to him when he suggested to switch zones. Hope you guys do not have such 'heroes' on Destro side. Not too many fellas tend to comment on your gear after inspecting you when nobody asked for their opinion but you encounter such morons too from time to time.

Speaking of leading - \sometimes when my pals natural born leaders Vulantes and Beastz are offline I take lead. Order is more organized these days so it does not take much to organize. If not - I begin to kick without regard. If you are deaf and blind - get off and someone else who has better brains will take your spot in wb. Do it yourselves, running a wb is not a rocket science.

And lastly, just relax and play. Devs have been doing terrific job and I cannot stop thanking them for that. Way to go!
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Re: A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#7 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 11:04 am

And don't start logging off after a single fight. I've noticed this problem more on destro than on order. You don't see the order pug leaders disband their warbands after getting baited and wiped over and over again. To the point that we actually call it over and leave, while on destro it's often that a single wipe makes the pug leaders log and leave.

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Re: A newbie's opinion of RoR

Post#8 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 11:08 am

TreefAM wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 11:04 am
And don't start logging off after a single fight. I've noticed this problem more on destro than on order. You don't see the order pug leaders disband their warbands after getting baited and wiped over and over again. To the point that we actually call it over and leave, while on destro it's often that a single wipe makes the pug leaders log and leave.
I used to see that on order when destro was dominating the rvr scene so it isn't a just "destro" problem it is more of an orvr player/pug mentaility problem that will probably not go away for a very long time. It depends on which faction dominates the scene with which side gets the defeatist mentaily and since order dominates at the moment destro gets the defeatist mentality.


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