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Discussion: farming high tier sets

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Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#1 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 9:45 am

Hi guys, I recently saw several posts discussing directly or indirectly this topic. I thought we could summarise it in a single post.

It is my impression that recent changes aim at making the last set a little more special (harder bag drops in oRvR as contribution needs prolonged fights to build up, reduced number of cities, reduced rewards in cities). I think that's a correct way of thinking, the top set should be hard to get and (maybe) in previous months players had it handed too easily.
I do not consider the shards a way to balance these reductions due to their drop system (although I think it is a nice touch to add them, it does make sense that players in sov drop royals).
I also like the reduced number of cities as having two 1* per day was boring and the rewards almost not worth the bother.

But, as a tester/player I saw a few issues with the system/how the vision is being developed:
1) The reduced bag drop system makes it harder to get lower tier sets (e.g. conqueror/vanquisher) which are necessary to start playing at lvl 40. The game might become a painful grind fest for medallions for toons lvl 40+.
2) One of the strengths of the game was that you could make alts and equip them reasonably well (vanquisher) while levelling rr and having fun in the lakes. You would understand if you liked your alt in endgame by being able to put up some fight (vanq might not be the best, but allows you to be somehow relevant). If you liked your alt you could think to start grinding for invader or sovereign, otherwise you could use it for other things or leave it aside. Now this aspect is partially lost, as it is grindier to equip your alts.
3) Being a global server cities might not happen during your region prime time. At the moment cities are the most viable option to farm royals, but many players might not even be able to participate 1 city per week due to time difference. While I agree that city and sovereign set should be special it should also be manageable to get it.

To sum it up, I agree with what looks like the direction of recent changes (I might also be wrong and this direction is not intended, but surely it is happening), but I think that the system might use some fine tuning to make it more functional balancing the speed at which sets can be farmed (grinding is ok, but please let's avoid Korean's MMO level of grinding).
I might have missed some important point (both pros and cons) please add to the discussion. Disagreement with my opinion is good too, as long as we keep a civilised discussion

NOTE: Let's try to give constructive and balanced suggestions. Top sets should not be handed too easily (e.g. doing raids in WOW retail or getting sets in ESO) as it makes it lose meaning, but it should not take forever either.

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Re: Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#2 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:02 am

My constructive feedback: sov is such a huge pain to grind it takes forever and always has. Even asia rpgs like monster hunter are less grindy. Given that my last city was like 4 weeks ago and the droprate through bags isnt viable im kinda burned out to even play my main any longer before there isnt a change to royal/invader drops. My suggestion (and yeah i know i sound like a broken record) is to drastically improve the droprate of royal and invader shards. Prices of sov and inv can be scaled up aswell but imo this is the way to make this whole experience a whole lot less grindy. I have 300 hours on my main and im not even close to having sov. I dunno how long it is supposed to take but this just seems excessive.

Edit: thats actually what eso has done pretty well. The gear curve is nice while here it is all fine until you have to start farming invader/royal.

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Re: Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#3 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:15 am

I would agree it was before, not sure now with the changed bag drop rate, vanq might be excessively grinding.

About ESO I liked how you would get the head for monster set, that took effort and was fun. Raids at normal were fun too, but many were too easy for endgame equipment, you would get the whole set in 4-5 raids, which was like 2h gameplay. Doing the raids at harder difficulties was not really necessary, the difference between the sets was too minor to justify the effort

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Re: Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#4 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:30 pm

invader isn't even that bad of a grind but its a garbage set for everything but choppa/slayer and even that one is debateable

if invader was a better set it wouldn't be as big a deal. right now you go from beastlord/vanquisher to sov/sentinel mix or what have you

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Re: Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#5 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:45 pm

Agreed, I´ve actually stopped playing because of it. I can´t afford to put anymore time into the grind, it´s just no fun at all. Had to hop on different hours just to get city in order to be able to get the sov cape.

I really liked the shard drop addition, though let´s be realistic, if you play alot you might end up with 1,5 crest a week. You can get that from bags afking in zones. It´s not worth the hassle.

The more you increase shard drop, the more people with start fighting in the lakes the less cities you´ll have. Cities were the only viable way of getting invader/royal crests, in which loot has been reduced.

So to sum it up:

Less cities
Less city loot
Few shard drops

I think we can all agree that the outcome was not that which many hoped for.

Maybe a suggestion can be, remove shards and make it crests. Or increase the shard drop. Eitherway with shard/crest drops in game, you´ll see less cities due to the people fighting more in the lakes. So instead of reducing city loot, increasing it might be a good motivater.

Maybe I´m just whiner,.. meh
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Re: Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#6 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:38 pm

100% behind the get conq/vanq earlier, even the invader imo needs to be aquired much quicker.

Ideally you start allo officers / conq to be up converted to the next level or change the level at which get start getting the currency.

I was LVL 39 and still getting officer / anni drops from zone flips. After 35 you should be getting conq.
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Re: Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#7 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:47 pm

Yes, I would assume that endless/overly extended grind becomes boring quickly as it was months ago the necessity of becoming a city logger (abandoned my main at rr 70 for a couple of months because I did not want to enter another city).
That is why I made this post. From feedbacks I did read in chat/ around the forum this issue was noticed by many. I think the current system is a little demotivating for many players, which might end up playing less/abandoning the game out of boredom, while for pretty selfish reason (I have more fun when large battles are available or even only when there is more active ppl around) I would prefer to see a larger player base.

I cannot offer optimal and balanced solutions, someone recently mentioned a sort of weekly RvR event to increase medallions earning based on quests, other could be increasing rewards/bringing back the larger bag droprate we had before, giving again pre-patch city rewards (1 crest for stage lost in a 4-5 star city is really poor, especially when stage 1 is dragged on and takes forever), but I cannot say if those fixes are good or bad

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Re: Discussion: farming high tier sets

Post#8 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:09 pm

I can't speak from an endgame point of view as I haven't reached high RR levels yet, but from an earlier point of view, why bother making players grind for medallions in the first place? What purpose does it serve?

I much preferred the land of the dead system of simply buying the main armour sets for gold. If I'm putting in the time to PvP, should my gear progression really be tied to RNG? It results in a very inconsistent and frustrating system.

You can still have the final sov sets be rarer / harder to get, and then there are always rare jewellery and weapons to give you something to aim for, but the main sets? Just let us buy them.


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