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Were / are there any good Wahammer Fantasy game world supplements?

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Were / are there any good Wahammer Fantasy game world supplements?

Post#1 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:56 pm

Greetings, all !

So, I was in an antique mall today and I stumbled upon some paperbacked, magazine sized Warhammer Fantasy books about the various individual races / factions.

It took a few minutes for me to get a sense of what I was looking at, as it became apparent that the dozen or so booklets were published in two different time periods ( for instance, there were two distinct "Vampire Lords" books with different pricing).

But I eventually realized that they all were "Warhammer Armies". It's just that some books had that phrase prominently on the front, while the rest had it in small print in a corner on the back.

So it seemed like roughly 60% of the material was photos and rules for the miniatures game. The rest seemed more like what I was interestes in reading: world lore and geography info.

Now I still have my old original Warhammer Fan tasy book from back in the 80's. One of the rare things I couldnt bear to sell off in a garage sale.

But I was windering if Games Workshop put out some supplements like this, but more aimed towards the Fantasy RPG or as World guides ??

I just didn't want to shell out $100 to grab all of those Armies supplements, when over half their content was nice, but not all that compelling. (I also didnt want to take the time right then to figure out which "set" I should buy.. the ones with the words "Warhammer Armies" on the front (which I would assume was a later edition) or in the back.


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Re: Were / are there any good Wahammer Fantasy game world supplements?

Post#2 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:20 pm

Four editions of Warhammer Fantasy RPG.
Eight editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Each edition came with it's own codexes and expansions. Then there were Warhammer Quest games, black library novels and comic books, each with little bits of lore inside, sometimes contradicting others, sometimes exploring new grounds. THEN there are computer games, either set in End of Times timeline or as alternative reality (like Age of Reckoning).

You can find old codexes and source material online with a little bit of google fu. There are at least three warhammer wikipedias. Four competent youtube lore channels. You don't have to spend money on lore you can find online ;)
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Re: Were / are there any good Wahammer Fantasy game world supplements?

Post#3 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:01 pm

Yeah, but in all of that, I would like to get something printed in my hands that I can read. And I'm not saying I want to go super in-depth.

I really liked the idea of reading about each individual race and their regions....things that tend to line up with this game. (I certainly DON'T want to get into the comics and novels.)

Would love to get specific recommendations.

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Re: Were / are there any good Wahammer Fantasy game world supplements?

Post#4 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 12:21 am

You have plenty of base material and extension books for the v1, v2 and v3 edition of the Warhammer RPG, for many peoles and races/classes, even those you cannot play ingame like vampire counts, beastmens, and so on.

Plenty of background for various things in the WFB lore, aside from the P&P rules.

IIRC, the first edition base book was BULKY, with lots of content in it. Second and third editions were more fragmented, with many extension books for playable races and campaigns.

Not as fluffy as D&D universe but still very decent, content-wise. And campaigns (at least in v3) were fun to play.

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