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Lack of Order in ranked

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Poll: What would encourage you to play more ranked?

Improved gear
Reduced gear cost
Higher rewards per sc
Ability to duo q (I know the obvious problem with this one)
Other (please specify)
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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#11 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:27 pm

I think there would be a lot more Order que to rankeds if there would be a limit of 1 of each class. Examples like double-triple DoK parties are unbeatable, whatever you do, hence less ppl que once you see them.
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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#12 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:30 pm

Hi there!

Well, just looking the pole, the success of ranked part of this game seems to be linked to rewards.

Thats not a statement, but as a reminder, i must remain to everyone that ranked has been introduced initially to provide an answer to a part of community asking for an environment dedicated to "competitive" 6v6 playing, nothing less, nothing more.

Whatever this part of the game will become -it wont be my choice-, rewards shouldn't be taken into account to play or not ranked scs. Thats my opinion.

And more further, those rewards should be only cosmetic/consummable (fun with cheaper prices) imo. Rank being THE rewards.

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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#13 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:42 pm

These days I don't queque because it never pops or it does that thing where not everyone joins and you get stuck in the "join scen" infinite loop.

When it comes to the solo queque gameplay, I don't like them because the DPS healers, DPS tanks, and such trash still get in too often for my taste and they really hate being told they are doing it wrong.

Also Order gets too many RDPS. Unless you are Zarbix level Bright Wizard, Destro melee pain train is going to win.

As pointed out above, most premade 6 mans are better off farming pugs or focusing on ORvR gear or Scen Weapons, the gear from ranked is not worth getting 6 ppl together for, especially with how often forts/cities happen, if you are playing for reasons other than the "reward" of competitive scens, then you will spend your time chasing better gear elsewhere.
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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#14 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:15 pm

its interesting to me to read the different perspectives on this. Its true the lack of certainty about who will be on your team and the possibility of getting some overly weak links is a major gamble for what can become a significant time sink but its also part of the fun Furthermore, if more were q'n then it would prevent what can happen now where a good group gets together over several matches and dominates the other side making them not want to play any more.

Cant say iv seen a tripple dok team in solo yet although not gonna lie, i prey for it everytime :)

Also the logic of the game mode itself being the reward is a strange one with all due respect. People are and always will be gear driven, this isnt news to anyone i hope at this point and youve provided this game mode and attached to it 2 sets of gear that in some cases is rather useful. Also as pointed out the poll results (although limited by me i guess) show that the gear is a driving force so far in most of those who have chosen to respond to the poll. Im sure all of us who do partake in this are grateful for its existence, like the whole server itself but that clearly isnt enough to motivate a reasonable number of people to make use of this game mode. It feels very under utilized and seems like it could use some relatively minor adjustments to make it more appealing to enough people to make it a legit form of content that generates interest.

As the poster above me said, many feel their time is simply better spent gaining gear etc else where and if some minor work could be done to encourage some..even like 10 more people to play (on order) in the evenings it would freshen up the content no end.

this whole thread isnt about demanding changes really, its more a call to order to take the fights due to them being under populated in the mode at this time. But it seems as if the gear and to a point, the toxicity of people (which i cant prove but would guess is partially motivated by the insane number of wins u need to get anywhere with the gear) is a problem.

Thanks to all for the replies so far, hopefully we can continue to discuss this as i am enjoying the games i get to play and value this content and it would be nice to see some more motivated to try it....aaaaand also im badly want 3 more pieces so..yeah theres that too.

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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#15 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:17 pm

even if gear was cheaper i just see a resurgence for 2 weeks and then it dying again just like it has twice already.

maybe if other improvements were done too i could see it because less aids gear grind=more people playing alts.

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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#16 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:43 pm

i dont bother to log specificaly for ranked and stay in q while standing still in city cause:
1) low pop, very huge waiting time, the only timeframe where you can get 3-5 games in a row per evening is ~3 hours of eu primetime
2) it locks you out in same gear/mastery/rr. respec once you are inside to fit comp/team should be allowed.
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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#17 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:48 pm

kmark101 wrote:
Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:27 pm
I think there would be a lot more Order que to rankeds if there would be a limit of 1 of each class. Examples like double-triple DoK parties are unbeatable, whatever you do, hence less ppl que once you see them.
Lol, this is just completely wrong. There isn't a specific comp that's even close to unbeatable in solo ranked.
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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#18 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:06 pm

Times are pretty rough in Aus, I’m only getting pops in the morning early before work or late at night. It’d be good if more aussies queued

On the dok thing - it’s not necessarily triple dok, it’s just the dps dok putting out absurd healing at the same time which is hard to overcome. I’m not getting queued up with a dps wp, but I’m told it’s not as effective. I guess you should tag that one and focus it down first, but it’s a hard counterplay to execute with randoms.

On toxicity - report toxic people, they’ll get chat banned or permabanned. People gotta learn that MMR is meaningless and if they get queued with a Conq BW it just is what it is, no use being a sook about it.

As others said Ranked is the absolute best way to improve your mechanics and understanding of the game. I don’t need the gear and sure I’ll slot it in when I get it, but I’m not queuing for the emblems.

Edit: that said though, they should make the gear slightly better than sovereign. It’s such a big grind that people straight up aren’t queuing because they don’t think it’s worth it. It doesn’t need to be cheaper - in fact I’d make it a bit more costly and then bump up the value of the gear.

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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#19 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:26 pm

There is a new version of ranked that is being worked on, I expect the implementation date would be early 2021.

I can't share specific details yet because they could change, but I'm sure the new version will satisfy the majority of you.

Potentially, there should be less gear grind and more unique rewards. An increased incentive for players to participate in ranked. And a proper value of competitors' time investment and skills.

The poll is a bit unrelated, since we're handling gear reward in another way.
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Re: Lack of Order in ranked

Post#20 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:06 pm

I agree that reward could be something else like talis, dye, cosmetics, etc...
Also, I'm sure if we had more people q'ing we could start actually doing match-ups tied to MMR, rather than putting 1200 people with 1800 people. That would probably actually solve a lot of the toxicity as well.

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