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FMJ lag

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Re: FMJ lag

Post#51 » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:02 pm


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Re: FMJ lag

Post#52 » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:47 pm

From one of their ex-members I heard they were secretly using some shady KGB stuff to induce lag on the opposing faction players. We should probably start a case in the European Court of Human Rights.

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Re: FMJ lag

Post#53 » Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:14 pm

Bignusty wrote:
Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:19 pm
mathousalix6 wrote:
Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:31 am
Whyumadbro wrote:
Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:22 am
play destro then the lag will go off, every time we encounter them in ORvR my usally good internet connection goes down and it will be a dia show of getting stomped. Strange isnt it?
How is this possible though? Both realms spam blasting potions etc but why does this happen only with FMJ? And why is it still permitted? I get maximum 2 fps and 50% I crash while having a pretty decent pc
Its not just FMJ on destro side when we encounter CNTK its lag spike everytime
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Re: FMJ lag

Post#54 » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:27 pm

I can't believe i have to explain this to you but fine, elementary schools aren't what they used to be i guess.
So, the server is in France, right? If you are connecting from someplace more west, like for example, NA, your signal's travel is opposed by the earth's rotation and you have 200ms ping. Russia, on the other hand, is east from the server, so signal is boosted by earth's rotation, and they have -200ms ping.
Hope this clears it out for you.

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Re: FMJ lag

Post#55 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:37 am

It would happen in any zerg encounter, because of addons like SoR that use chat to force-feed you data.
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Re: FMJ lag

Post#56 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:23 am

I'm like 80% sure this is related to video effects. And 20% I blame add-ons.

I have enabled only on self, and I still get some fps drops, but not like the ones other ppl are getting, like the ones demonstrated in that PnP video on page 5. Nor do I get disconnected inside forts.
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eng sub miss outleet6fr

Post#57 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:00 am

hi? same utorch,kindly ;leu ports clicaked ,?sub scheme heals taşak, ip,refine..ngi,

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Re: FMJ lag

Post#58 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 8:15 am

how to auto assist actually?

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Re: FMJ lag

Post#59 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:47 am

Is this thread real? :D

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Re: FMJ lag

Post#60 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:53 pm

Gurf wrote:
Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:50 pm
I was told they do it by stacking a critical amount of buffs/debuffs on a player,
OMFG dont tell me they assisting on targets...Damm those russians with his "hacking tactics"

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