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Replica jewels.... Clarification please.

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Re: Replica jewels.... Clarification please.

Post#91 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:46 pm

Does the server do the post-battle statistics or is that put together by the client?

Instead of an MMR based on win/loss you can instead measure observable contributions (damage, protection, healing, objective points), normalize them for each class, correlate them to win rate and weight them accordingly.

This removes the “two steps forward, one step back” aspect of the current MMR and might make it more palatable to casual players. Lots of games have skill-based metrics like this (e.g. WN8 and World of Tanks) and you could easily use it in place of an MMR.

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Re: Replica jewels.... Clarification please.

Post#92 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 4:47 pm

i'd prefer this get left alone, i've been slowly saving up for one

personally I don't see this stuff as super better good compared to warlord or sovereign it just plugs some gaps, like for DOK the sentinel gem has strength, there's no sentinel wisdom gem so I mean in that case I don't mind it being there and being what it is, some of the talk here is a little concerning about just making changes but I guess you guys will do what you do but I personally see it as ok, like for the DOK thing, you work up for the crests for a final tweak on backline healing (something other healers can just do *and that's fine*)

on magus there's not much point to it over sentinel, so it's really again on whether you're going for magus tankin' which is generally off the beaten path anyway

pretty much same with blackguard, hardly much better than sentinel, so then there's the toughness gem, which is cool and all but I don't see what's wrong with that much work to get the crests so you can trade 58 str for 71 toughness (or whatever it is) it's nice if people want to grind it but really not super out of control at all, there's also the LOTD gems for this as well even

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Re: Replica jewels.... Clarification please.

Post#93 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 8:36 pm

Fenris78 wrote: Fri Sep 23, 2022 12:49 pm We just needed ranked to not give MMR maluses on loss. Nothing more discouraging for people, being casual or hardcore, than being permastuck with zero MMR after dozens of matches.

Even a garanteed progression of 5 or 10 MMR on a loss would have kept people playing this game mode.
It would have been like the current grind to 10k tokens (or any other activity for that matter), without the fear to lose = two step back from your goal.

It could have been tested months ago to see the results, but sadly the hardcore-gatekeeping path was chosen, even after seeing the MMR model wont work for a vast majority of people (most of them played couple of matches before seeing they were permastuck to negative MMR, and quit).

I'm glad we wont need to play 100+ ranked matches with a 50% winrate to reach the 1k MMR anymore, but I'm sad the ring is now available without having to play ranked at all.

A fair balance should have been found earlier, it was not because lack of suggestions in that matter... ;)
The only MMR mark should be used to split/separate experienced veterans from beginners. In my view 0-1000 should be so called beginner while 1000+ good/experienced. Yes i know, u need population to make it work...
I do not agree with 1000 MMR mark to be only option to start earning insignia. I would rather see quest/live event that u progress regardless ur personal result or performance would make progress faster when u lose u progress slower.

I do not need/want rewards to play ranked but sadly, to have healthy pop u kinda need carrot for others...
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