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Some class ideas

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Some class ideas

Post#1 » Sun Mar 19, 2023 5:13 am

It is safe to say that if WAR made it through several expansions we'd see new classes, and possibly new races added overtime. Here are some ideas I came up with for new classes for existing races.

Ranged DPS: Dark Elf Corsair - plays similarly to shadow warrior using a repeating crossbow and a sword.

Ranged DPS: Empire Huntsman - a pet class with a mix of different ranged weapons and a mastiff. Plays similar to squig herder.

Melee DPS: Chaos Packmaster - a pet class dual weilding axes accompanied by a chaos hound of tzeentch. White lion analog.

Melee DPS: Dwarf Warrior - a tough Melee dps brawler who can swap between a pick, an axe or a hammer. Marauder analog. Weapons are 2 handed.

Healer: High Elf Handmaiden - a mystic bow weilder with the ability to mend wounds. As warrior priest is to melee dps, this class would be to ranged dps.

Healer: Greenskin Savage Orc Witchdoctor - A Wurzagg like healing class with javelins, a blowdart gun, and some heals. An analog to the Handmaiden.

Just wanted to add that I really appreciate all that you've done to keep WAR alive. This is just for fun. Feel free to share your own ideas!

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Re: Some class ideas

Post#2 » Sun Mar 19, 2023 7:07 am

They should first balance and put every class on the same level so we can play a well balanced game, then after that why not add some new classes.
But the first part is a long way and still not achieved ... by far. ;)
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Re: Some class ideas

Post#3 » Sun Mar 19, 2023 3:49 pm

Bringing new classes to a game is more then just say "woohoo let's just copy and paste 2 lines of code and we have our new class". Items, animations, abilitys, questlines, balancing and i'm pretty sure this list could go on for a few rows.

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Re: Some class ideas

Post#4 » Sun Mar 19, 2023 4:20 pm

path of da' dakka

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Re: Some class ideas

Post#5 » Sun Mar 19, 2023 5:59 pm

bradbury111 wrote: Sun Mar 19, 2023 4:20 pm path of da' dakka
please, elaborate

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Re: Some class ideas

Post#6 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 9:33 am

My unrealistic wishlist classes:

Vampire count/countess - Hybrid melee / caster (short range).
Wood elf treesinger - Summoner caster
Skaven assassin or gutter runner - stealth melee dps
Wood elf wardancer - light armored & mobile melee dps

Not part of the current order/destro races but I think they would fit there well enough: skaven and vampires for destro and wood elves for order. These classes could be used to bring more modern mmo mechanics in war. Could also take completely different approach compared to current classes: Don't need as many abilities as old classes as long as abilities they have are well made. Don't need 3 different spec trees either.

Some new abilities:

Vampire could have dash ability on some short-ish cooldown (45 sec or something): turn into bat swarm which flies forward while either disjointing projectiles or being dmg immune for the duration of the dash (mb 30 ft forward, around 0,5 sec duration, ignore collision during dash) so it's gap closer and defensive cooldown at the same time. Micro dmg immunity would be cool since it rewards good timing for dodging fireballs or whatnot.

Treesinger could summon a tree or some vines to manipulate terrain/los. Summoned trees have duration for x seconds and hp pool so they can be killed by enemy. This might be problem in keeps and forts so might have to disable that feature during sieges somehow (tree summons only works when less than 12 friendly people around you, similar to lotd anti-zerg mechanic?). Could summon green puddle/dome of healing or damage reduction: friendly ground-target buff for 30ft-ish radius which rewards treesinger for placing it well and friends for being aware and staying in the puddle. Treesinger could also summon some dryads/treekin as well.

Skaven assassin / gutter runner would be another rogue type class with weapon poisons. Maybe more dot based with multiple poisons. New ability: smoke bombs (5 ish second duration: enemies cant see in and out of the smoke bomb but can see each others inside smoke for counterplay purposes. Basically identical to WoW rogue smoke bomb)
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Re: Some class ideas

Post#7 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 12:34 pm

I will settle for a Vampire Countess skin for my DoK, and wardancer skin for my WE.
No need for a new class, just give me the skin.
While we are at it, give me Wraithguard skin for chosen, and Dryad skin for AM too.

RR 90 cosmetic maybe?

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Re: Some class ideas

Post#8 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 2:55 pm

I've had some thoughts on Ogre classes (including a Butcher class as a caster) - that being mercenaries could be created as characters for either faction, keepin things balanced. Also, Lizardman classes for order balanced by Skaven classes for destro (eg. Kroxigor/Rat Ogre for tank, Saurus/Eshin Assassin for melee dps, Chameleon Skink/Warlock Engineer for ranged dps, Skink Priest/Plague Priest for healer).

One difficulty with new character classes for WAR/RoR at this sort of stage of its life - and I think this would also apply to the licensed devs even if was still Mythic or whoever working on it - is probably in balancing new classes (asssuming ongoing balance of the factions is/was a concern), and making those balanced classes and any common mechanics fit with the lore. Back when it was first being developed, the devs could balance (eg.) the elven Archmage with the goblin Shaman, or the Shadow Warrior with the Squig Herder. Adding new groups of classes, like Lizardman or Skaven, now would mean that they would have much less latitude of choice in how to balance the classes of one faction with the another. Making the choice of classes fir with the lore, while still keeping their mechanics balanced, would be much easier with lots of classes being added or designed at once - just like with the current classes in initial development.
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Re: Some class ideas

Post#9 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 3:13 pm

A couple of years ago, there already was talk about this. And one of the devs at that time (Torquemada iirc) showed off a few classes in RvR. One class I remember was the Corsair and the Beastmaster (Dark Elf version of the WL). He had a scorpion as pet. And I think he could summon other beasts as well. The one thing I liked was when he did a pounce, he would jump and do a salto as well. Other class I remember that were mentioned was an Orc bow/arrow class.
I think if you search on the forum you can find what classes were in mind.
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Re: Some class ideas

Post#10 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 11:48 pm

Theres a Kaine Beastmaster whit a scorpion pet.. its almost done as i know.

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